Home And Away: We look back at Brax’s most heartbreaking moments

Darryl “Brax” Braxton is gone but we’ll never forget his wild ride in Home And Away.
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He may have been a member of the River Boys and in trouble for most of his time in the Bay, but Home And Away fans loved Brax just the same.

“I loved playing the character,” actor Stephen Peacocke, 35, tells TV WEEK. “It was such a wicked role.”

Now, let’s take a look back at some of Brax’s toughest moments in Summer Bay. Grab the tissues!

Guilty verdict: When he was accused of murder, fans knew Brax was innocent. But unable to clear his name, his legal team advised he take a guilty plea. He confessed and received a 20-year jail sentence.

Baby Casey: Locked up for a crime he didn’t commit, Brax missed the birth of his child with Ricky. He first met his son during a prison visit, where Ricky suggested they call him Casey, in honour of Brax’s late brother.

Brothers for life: Brax put his family first, particularly his wayward brother Casey (Lincoln Younes). This was clear in Casey’s final moments when the young brother was shot. “The end where my character died was obviously very tragic,” Lincoln, 25, says. “But it was good to do it with such a good person [like Stephen].”

Dead man walking: Brax made a shocking decision to escape from prison and fake his death. To pull it off and let Ricky move on, he didn’t tell her his plan. Brax watched from afar as Ricky mourned his loss before he left the Bay.

Goodbye, my lover: Brax’s relationship with Charlie (Esther Anderson) was turbulent. He and the policewoman were complete opposites. “There was a lot of action with Charlie and Brax,” Stephen says. When Charlie was shot and critically injured, doctors couldn’t help her. In a gut-wrenching decision, they turned off her life-support.

London love dash: Not even an ocean could stand in the way of Brax’s feelings for Ricky (Bonnie Sveen). When she left for London, he followed. His declaration of love was rejected. But when Brax fell ill, she was by his side and they reunited.

The rescue: The River Boys were loyal and protected each other. One of their scariest moments was when Brax and Kyle (Nic Westaway) rescued Heath (Dan Ewing). An emergency search ended when Brax found a lifeless Heath on the beach – just in the nick of time!

Talk about misreading the signals. When Charlie first questioned Brax about his involvement in an assault, he leant in and kissed her. His move earnt him a reward – a charge for assaulting an officer!

“When I entered the show, the three brothers [Casey, Brax and Heath] were entering the Bay,” Stephen recalls. And within moments, they were in a brawl at Angelo’s (Luke Jacobz) restaurant.

To make some much-needed cash, the River Boy took up the dangerous sport of cage-fighting. Despite being unfit to fight, Brax persisted, only to be knocked out cold during the fight.

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