Flamin’ heck! Home And Away's Ray Meagher just did a rap battle with Fitzy and Wippa

Alf Stewart would be proud.

By Jacqui King
Actor Ray Meagher is a man of many talents.
He’s played one of Summer Bay’s most beloved characters Alf Stewart on Home And Away for nearly 30 years, he won a TV WEEK Gold Logie in 2010, and apparently, he’s also a Rap God.
Yep, the 73-year-old took on Wippa on Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa show this morning for Rap Of The Week – and he nailed it.
According to Fitzy, most guests that come on Rap Of The Week are given a few lyrics to help them out, but this time, Ray wrote all his own lyrics. And we can’t say we’re surprised; the man has a very cheeky sense of humour.
The new Slim Shady.
“Someone else told me that on set you were writing these in between some of the acting you were doing at Summer Bay – is this correct?,” Fitzy asked.
“It’s very generous of you to call it acting, Fitzy,” Ray laughed. “But yeah, we just scribbled it down when we heard this was happening and away we went.”
What follows is a sledging match between the two.
Wippa raps: “Are you gonna be rapping today or is that a bad cough? I don’t want you to be caught out yelling ‘hey, bugger off!’"
And then continues: “You ran the caravan park, the bottle shop, the bait shop, the general store, the surf club. You’ve done it all in style while yelling ‘flamin’ and we love that every time your commitment was amazing.”
Ray’s retaliation? Watch the video above.

During Ray’s time on the show, he opened up about fellow Home And Away star Johnny Ruffo who is currently undergoing treatment for brain cancer.
Speaking about when he learned the news, he said, “I couldn’t believe it, it’s a dreadful disease.”
“I spoke to him a while back and he was explaining to me what had happened and in an attempt to lighten him up, I said 'it’s a big zipper you’ve got there' [referring to his scar]. I asked, 'it’s not going to affect you in any way is it?' He said, ‘Nah it won’t’. I said, ‘Ah what a shame they didn’t take the smart ass bit out of you’,” Ray laughed.
He added: “He’s such a lovely bloke and it was such a shock, I just hope he gets a complete recovery.”

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