Home And Away smack down: Ash’s brother is alive!

Things were tense in Summer Bay this week.

Oh, brother – Ash punched a guy in Home And Away this week. And, the dude turned out to be the brother he thought was dead. Elsewhere, John (Shane Withington) told Marilyn (Emily Symons) he was leaving her.

And, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Zac’s (Charlie Clausen) marriage is falling to pieces in the wake of his cheating. Here’s how it all happened…


Remember the brother Ash (George Mason) and Billie (Tessa De Josselin) presumed had died at war? Well, he’s alive! No, this is not (sadly) a zombie storyline. Turns out, Luke (Luke McKenzie) faked his own death. Also, now he’s called Patrick. It was all too much to take in for Ash, who slugged his brother in the jaw. Tough family.

Kat (Pia Miller) and Ash (George Mason).


Poor old John was down in the dumps this week about being kicked out of the surf club. The town has turned against him now everyone knows he’s the firebug. Then, someone threw a rock with a note attached: “Burn in hell monster”. In the pits of his despair John did the unthinkable, he told Maz he’s only hurting her. He’s decided to leave her. Poor decision.


Leah this week crossed paths with Sam (Cheree Cassidy), the woman Zac cheated with. Things were, as you might expect, pretty tense between them. But, when Sam taunted her by saying her isn’t as perfect as she thinks, it gave Leah pause for thought. When Leah questioned Zac about his involvement with Sam he said there was nothing going on. But, you could tell she had her doubts.

The heartbreaking moment came when Leah sat on her bed crying, throwing down the framed photo of her and Zac.

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