Tom Gleisner’s Have You Been Paying Attention Highlights

''I’m always surprised.''
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Ten years ago, comedy factory Working Dog unleashed Have You Been Paying Attention? on TV audiences and Monday nights have never been the same.

The show – led by quizmaster Tom Gleisner and regular panellists Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang – is a consistent ratings winner for Network 10. Tom, 60, puts it down to the “chemistry between our contestants” and the fact the show “probably makes Mondayitis a little more bearable”.

We grill Tom on his highlights for this year – including the show notching up 250 episodes…

“Our guest quizmasters are always a highlight.”

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What are your favourite moments of the show for 2022?

Our guest quizmasters are always a highlight, whether they’re big names like the Prime Minister [Anthony Albanese] or a 13-year-old spelling bee winner. Another personal highlight has been our sponsorship from Mitsubishi. Every week it gives me the chance to be in another one of their TV ads.

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This year, the show celebrated an incredible 250 episodes. What did that feel like?

TV these days is so cut-throat, you don’t ever take being on air for granted. And this is our 10th season, which I think is longer than any Working Dog show has ever run.

I think we feel proud to have lasted this long and to be still turning out funny shows each week. We had a small dinner with our key production crew after the 250th show, which was a lovely way to mark the occasion.

“I think we feel proud to have lasted this long and to be still turning out funny shows each week.”

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Ray O’Leary and Lizzy Hoo joined the panel this show. How did they fare?

We’re very lucky that there’s a New Zealand version of HYBPA? still running, so we’re able to “recruit” talent from there. Ray, and Guy Montgomery, are both great examples. We saw Lizzy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and thought she was great. Hopefully, they’ll all be back next year. It’s important for a long-running show like HYBPA? to keep introducing new talent so that we stay fresh.

Are you still genuinely surprised by a response from someone on the panel?

I’m always surprised – especially as, with five unique comic sensibilities, I never know what’s coming my way.

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Can you think of a moment this year that made you laugh hard?

A few weeks ago, I was asking a question and I badly mispronounced Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name. I saw five hands dive for their buzzers and had no choice but to hide behind the podium while the wave of ridicule crashed over me.

This year, the show won its sixth TV WEEK Logie Award – what was that like?

It’s a real joy knowing that people have made HYBPA? part of their weekly TV ritual. One of the nicest compliments we get is when parents say, “It’s the only show we watch as a family.”

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