Celia Pacquola reveals her burgeoning baby bump on Have You Been Paying Attention

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On Monday night, comedian Celia Pacquola revealed her burgeoning baby bump on Have You Been Paying Attention.

The gorgeous mum-to-be looked fresh in a green wrap dress that perfectly accentuated her pregnancy belly and thrilled fans by sharing a slew of pictures on her Instagram.

In the first image, Celia sits in front of her buzzer with her panel show co-stars and host Tom Gleisner.

“Back to play.”

(Image: Instagram)

She then showed fans her growing bump in a selfie taken in her dressing room, which she followed with a snap of overpriced lettuce – but before you scratch your head confused, know that you’re in on the joke.

“Back to play on @hybpa tonight @channel10au very excited to sit alongside longtime pal @felicityward and rest of excellent crew @chennylifestyle @therealedkavalee @hayleysproull,” she captioned her post.

“Extra photos of behind desk bump and some tiny, tiny lettuces. 💚.”

Celia shared this snap from Have You Been Paying Attention.

(Image: Instagram)

Her comment section went wild for the adorable pregnancy update.

Sara Pascoe commented, “You look amazing!! Hope the pregnancy is going wonderfully ❤️,” and journalist Jan Fran shared, “Yeah the bump!!!”

A fan gushed, “Love the colour top. You look fantastic. Hope you feel awesome too. Nearly there!”

“Extra photos of behind desk bump and some tiny, tiny lettuces. 💚.”

(Image: Instagram)

Celia is expected to give birth in September.

The former Dancing With The Stars winner announced she was pregnant with her first baby in March and broke the news on Instagram by posting a picture of her holding a Doctor Who onesie over her growing belly and a snap of her ultrasound.

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She captioned her post with that signature wit fans love her for, writing, “Whoever had ‘Celia gets pregnant’ on their Unprecedented Events bingo card, you can cross it off now. Wild. I’m very happy, and yes I miss wine.”

Celia then credited her photographer partner Dara Munnis for taking the pic and for his contribution by posting the emojis, “📸 & 👶 @daramunnis.”

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