Grant Denyer wins the Gold Logie at the TV WEEK Logies – and chokes up during his speech

"To my beautiful wife Chezzie, oh my god, we did it, we bloody did it!" Grant's speech had the audience in floods.
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There wasn’t a dry eye in the house – or in viewer land – when Grant Denyer gave his speech for winning the Gold Logie – a trophy he has dedicated to his wife “Chezzie”.

The former Family Feud presenter has won the gold statue for a show that has recently been shelved by Network Ten. And has there ever been a more appreciative recipient?

“Family Feud came along at a time when I needed it,” he said as he teared up on stage. “I was very unwell and Family Feud gave me a ladder out of that hole.”

He dedicated the Logie to his wife Cheryl, and did it with a heartfelt tribute.

“To my beautiful wife Chezzie, oh my god, we did it, we bloody did it!”

“Wow, we have come a long way. I owe this to you, We are an incredible team. This is yours as much as it is mine.

“You believed in me even when I stopped believing in myself.

“Thanks for everything this is yours. I dedicate it to you.”

Grant Denyer doesn’t let go of his Gold Logie all night – see the proof

Grant and Cheryl Denyer – the Gold Logie winner dedicated his award to his wife.

The Family Feud host – and the face of Network Ten’s upcoming show Game Of Games – won the Gold trophy ahead of RODGER CORSER, TRACY GRIMSHAW, AMANDA KELLER, JESSICA MARAIS and ANDREW WINTER.

“This is so important to me,” he says.

It wasn’t all hearts and flowers on the winner’s dais – the fan favourite also spun a few jokes up there.

“I have said ‘survey says’ 30,000 times!,

And he signed off with this classic: “Survey says thank you for making this your top answer.”

After in the media room, tears flowed again as he shared how Family Feud had saved him after he broke his back and went into a dark place.

“A think a lot of people go through a darker time at some point in their life and it probably\ started when I broke my back a few years ago,” he said.

“It pulled a handbrake on my life just when I had pedal to the metal and I spent six months lying down wondering if I’d be able to walk again. It was very sobering thing to contemplate.”

He fully credits Family Feud with helping him find his mojo.

“Family Feud was a lightning bolt moment I didn’t expect. It helped me find the fun in life It was the perfect medicine for me when I really needed it.

So when Family Feud now leaves it’s quite emotional – it’s played a really fundamental part of me turning into a better person.”

Tears flowed again when wife Cheryl joined him at the media briefing post win.

I’ve not done anything but loved him and believed in him and I do that wholeheartedly.”

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