Logies 2018: Did Grant Denyer ever put down his Gold Logie?

An important investigation.

By Kate Wagner
In Australia's own version of Leonardo DiCaprio finally getting his hands on an Oscar, last night Grant Denyer won the award that eluded him for so long. Sure, both of them said awards didn't matter, that doing what they love every day was enough, but we all know how much that mini gold man meant to them.
So on his night of nights, did Grant ever let the Logie out of his sight? We've scoured the internet for a photo of him post-win sans the statue and, well, see for yourselves.
Obviously, we saw the professional shots—the initial overwhelming joy immortalised by paparazzi on the ground.

Two of them were worthy of being posted by the star himself—his excitement palpable.

Then we made it to the after-party, a notoriously loose affair. I think we all remember Karl Stefanovic post-Logies performance in 2009.
Did Grant follow the lead of his former co-worker and get so drunk his Gold Logie was cast aside and forgotten?
Absolutely not.
It joined him for pictures with fans:

For pictures with the host:

For pictures with his former competition, members of the Sunrise crew:
And most importantly, for a singalong:
But Grant is a man of the people—one doesn't win a Gold Logie and Most Popular Presenter unless he's a gracious specimen—so he let some of his biggest fans have a few seconds holding his new prized possession.
This guy was honoured to be allowed so close to a living legend:

And look at the unbridled joy on this young lass' face:
While photo evidence pointed to a resounding "no" to our important investigation, the case was expertly put to rest but non other than light of his life, Chezzi.

"His hand is bruised from holding the Gold Logie all night," she captioned. "But he will not put it down." Bless his cotton socks.
So the definitive answer? Grant didn't part ways with his Gold Logie from the second he got it in his hot little hands, except to let his adoring fans bask in its radiant glow.
Congrats Grant, and sorry about Family Feud.