This just in: A Gossip Girl reboot is actually happening!

Choose your side, or run and hide as S and B are back and there’s trouble!
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Dust off your headbands Upper East Siders and head immediately to the steps of The Met.

Why? Because Manhattan’s elite are making their return.

That’s right, it’s 10 years since Gossip Girl premiered, and in the wake of the recent anniversary, NW has learnt that the show’s creators are just days away from announcing that they’re bringing the show back.

“It’s just a question of dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s, then it’ll be all systems go,” confirms the industry insider.

“The plot is all worked out, though. It’ll be a jump forward in time, factoring in where the show ended, and then fast-forwarding to where the characters are and what they’re doing now.”

A Gossip Girl reboot is all systems go.

Like the upcoming Will & Grace revival, the GG reboot will ignore some of the major finale moments – namely the revelation that Dan Humphrey (played by Penn Badgley) is Gossip Girl.

“For storyline purposes, it works better to have Gossip Girl go back to being anonymous,” explains the insider.

As for the show’s breakout star?

Blake Lively, who played Serena van der Woodsen, was one of the first to sign on, having admitted earlier this year that she’s totally up for a reboot.

“[It] would be fun,” she told E! News.

Her on-screen BFF Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) is set to return, the actress isn’t that thrilled about sharing the set with Blake again.

Will there be trouble on set between the stars?

Producer Joshua Safran told Vanity Fair in August that while Serena and Blair were besties, Blake and Leighton “were not friends”.

In fact the pair haven’t been spotted with each other since they filmed the finale episode five years ago!

Josh also revealed that while Blake was “very much in the moment”, in terms of cultural happenings and the hottest places to go in New York, Leighton was “very removed and very quiet”.

It’s because of this clash of personalities that Leighton, 31, has “been back and forth a bunch of times about committing”, says the insider.

“She can’t stand Blake and hated having to play second fiddle to her and her ego,” the source adds. Ouch!

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