EXCLUSIVE: Former Goggleboxers Adam and Symon have their own brand new show – and want their former co-stars to be brutal when they watch

The mates open up about their new chapter.
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Fans of Gogglebox Australia gave a huge sigh of disappointment last year when favourites Adam Densten and Symon Lovett announced they were quitting the show.

The mates, who starred on the show for the entire five years and 10 seasons it’s been on air to date, decided the time was right to spread their wings.

And the first cab off the post-Gogglebox career rank is Premierships And Footy Trips on FOX Footy.

Each week, Adam and Symon will chat to former AFL legends, who will share untold stories from their heyday.

Ahead of the show’s launch, TV WEEK grilled the pair about the new show.

Adam and Symon will be hosting new show Premierships And Footy Trips on FOX Footy.

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TV WEEK: Fans were gutted when you said you were quitting Gogglebox. What made you decide to leave?

Symon: Well, we were on the show from the start, and 10 [seasons] is a nice round number. From that [Gogglebox], we wanted to do things a bit more creative. It was just the right time in our lives.

Adam: We were super-lucky and very fortunate to be a very small part of what is a pretty big machine. We had an awesome time.

How did the fans take the news?

S: They’ve just wished us well for the future, which has been really sweet.

A: My mum was devastated. She lives four hours away, so it [being on Gogglebox] was my appearance in the family home. She’d watch the show both times [on Foxtel and 10]. Anybody’s disappointment or sadness is going to pale into insignificance compared to how disappointed and sad my mum was to have us leave. I live with that guilt every day of my life! [Laughs]

The boys were fan favourites on Gogglebox – dodgy socks, haircuts and all.

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And now you’re hosting a new show, Premierships And Footy Trips

S: Executive producer Mike Hirschfeld came to us and said, “I love the way you interact [on their The Adam And Symon Show podcast]. I’m all about the chemistry between you. How would you like to do a footy version, where we invite people on and we just tell stories?”

A: We’re there to just have fun. We’re the guys who stumbled into being lucky enough to fall on their face and sit on the couch next to it, really.

Now you have your own show, who’s going to be the bigger diva on set?

S: Adam will say me – and I’ll probably also say me! [Laughs] I’ve got longer hair, which needs more taming, but that’s kind of the extent of our divaness.

A: Symon, obviously. When you grow your hair to shoulder length at 33, I think that automatically gives you diva status.

S: I don’t think Adam’s even planning to wear shoes.

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Who’s the dream person or story you’d love to have on the show?

S: It sounds really clichéd, but I’m a North Melbourne supporter and Glenn Archer was my hero as a kid [the star played 311 games before retiring in 2007]. He’s actually our first guest, which is just ridiculous. The way it’s worked out is awesome.

You can hardly believe it, right?

A: It’s pretty wild. When we did the publicity shoot, we were standing there and around us were [AFL legends] Jonathan Brown, Matthew Pavlich, Bob Murphy, Brad Johnson – all these guys who have lived only on our TV screens were saying hello to us and shaking our hands. We turned away and we’re like, “This is pretty bloody good, isn’t it?”

The guys are hoping their Gogglebox family tear them a new one while watching their new footy show.

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Your show might now actually appear on Gogglebox – will that be weird?

S: I’m sure there’ll be a couple of ticks about the haircut and socks, all the regular stuff, which will be fun. I reckon it would be quite funny to watch, just to hear what they say.

But they might have a go.

A: I’d be hoping they do. I’m especially expecting Matty, Sarah and Jad to tear us a new one – and if they don’t, I’d feel like we weren’t friends in the first place!

Adam, congratulations on your recent engagement.

A: I didn’t do much work for it, but thank you.

Adam announced his engagement to girlfriend Rachel in December 2019.

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Symon, you’re now Adam’s second love.

S: Yeah, exactly – I’ve been kicked to the curb now that he’s all happy and in love.

A: Symon will always keep the spare key to my house – we’re a package deal. We’re very much a “buy one, get one free”.

Symon, any plans to stitch up Adam at the bucks’ party?

S: I’d be too nervous I’d take it too far! I get really excited – too excited – that he’d come out with shaved eyebrows or something like that and I’d probably get struck off the wedding-invite list.

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