EXCLUSIVE: Gogglebox's newest family reveal the surprising show they can't stand

These new armchair critics aren't holding anything back.

By Woman's Day team
The Elias family – Les, Danielle, Jacob, Lily Rose and Ivy – are here, and all set to make their debut on our screens on the 11th season of Gogglebox!
But they're the first to admit they're feeling a few nerves. Sitting down with Woman's Day, the family from suburban Sydney reveal they're ready to get critical – and they don't have any issues telling it like it is!
Meet Gogglebox's newest family! Image: Network Ten
Whose idea was it to apply to be on the show?
Our son Jacob was very keen to get the family on Gogglebox – he's always been a big fan. It was something we took a while to decide but he certainly did a great job of convincing us to take part.
How did your extended family and friends react to the news?
We decided not to tell a soul, not even our family – it was our little secret! There will definitely be some surprised people when the show premieres. It's all part of the fun!
In your own opinion, what makes a good TV critic?
We're firm believers that a good critic is one who says it how it is. There's certainly no point sugar-coating things, is there? Obviously a filter is required but mostly a critic who's vocal always gets the message across.
Are there constant fights for the remote control in your house, and who usually wins?
We don't fight for it – we're just constantly trying to find it! We let that thing slip into the most unusual places sometimes.
Les, Lily Rose, Jacob, Ivy and Danielle can't wait to tell us what they think. Image: Network Ten
Are you guys nervous to see how viewers of the show will react to meeting you?
Oh absolutely! If we weren't nervous about our debut, I think it would seem as though we don't care. We definitely care and are taking our new role very seriously. We can't wait for the viewers to meet us!
What's the one show the whole family agrees on not watching? Is there something you guys just can't stand?
We're not going to lie – The Masked Singer was very hard to digest. It was a little bizarre for us – we just couldn't get into it. We like I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Australian Survivor and The Good Place.
Which Goggleboxers have you enjoyed watching the most over past seasons?
We love Lee and Keith for their Aussie way of saying things and keeping it real. Adam and Symon were great to watch also, they were so witty and hilarious and very smart gents.
Gogglebox Australia airs Wednesdays at 7.30pm on Foxtel Lifestyle and Thursdays at 8.30pm on Ten
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