Why Aussies are absolutely LOVING Network Ten’s Five Bedrooms

''You got me. I'm hooked already!''
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Last night, Australia’s newest drama. Five Bedrooms hit our screens.

And apart from the fact that it stars Home and Away alum Steven Peacocke as a hunky tradie, there’s a lot to love about this show.

From the overly relatable characters to the strong female leads, fans were quick to praise the show for its refreshing content and stand-out performances.

“Ok #FiveBedrooms you got me. I’m hooked already 👌🏼,” one fan wrote, while another said: “Congrats it’s sublime – I was hooked in the first five seconds #FiveBedrooms”.

But it was the surprise stand out performances of two of the women that had viewers really excited.

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The Five Bedrooms cast.

(Source: Network Ten)

Doris Younane (McLeod’s Daughters) plays Heather, the straight talking landlady of Katie Robinson’s Ainsley.

And to be honest, she was absolutely EVERYTHING.

From calling out the sh—ty behaviour of Lachlan (Hugh Sheridan) to comforting Ainsley, she was phenomenal from start to finish.

“For someone who grew up on #HeartbreakHigh and matured on #McLeods… gosh it was a joy to give Doris Younane some quips. She only gets better and no, she does not age. #FiveBedrooms,” one viewer wrote.

“Loving Doris Younane in this already!! 👏🏼👏🏼” another wrote.

“Pretty sure Doris Younane hasn’t aged since the 90’s. #FiveBedrooms” another added – and we couldn’t agree more.

Doris Younane’s Heather is BRILLIANT.

(Source: Network Ten)

In an interview with Ten Daily, Doris spoke of her excitement about starring in the new dramedy.

“The whole energy around the show, from the start, has been so exciting,” Doris said. “Everybody was going, ‘Oh my god, the scripts! Oh my god, the cast! Oh my god, the great production!’

“I’ve been in this excited state for months! I’m tired now, put the damn show on,” she said before it aired.

And if you thought she was fabulous on the show, then you may love this titbit.

“The final audition was a callback with Stephen Peacocke and I was still drunk from a wrap party,” she revealed.

“I remember being on the bathroom floor at 3 am in the morning with my husband saying, ‘You should get to bed because you’ve got that callback’.”

What a legend!

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And then there was Harry’s (Roy Joseph ) mum, played by ABC TV presenter, Kumd Merani, whose foray into acting has not gone unnoticed.

Kumd’s character is unsubtle in her wish for her son to marry a “nice young Indian girl” so that she can have a grandchild – and she is not backwards in coming forwards.

Fans flocked to Twitter to praise her performance.

“@Kumud you were absolutely delightful tonight on five Bedrooms! Such amazing expression- I am hoping you win the Logie for best new talent this year!!” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Love me some good new Aussie TV 📺🙌 Already obsessed w/ Harry’s mum on #FiveBedrooms @FiveBedroomsAU 😍 That phone call guilt trip tho 📞👌” another wrote.

But then Network Ten’s own Instagram said it best: “OK. Harry’s Mum is savage and adorable at the same time. And we love her.”

Kumd Merani for best new talent at the Logies!

(Source: Network Ten)

Here’s what fans had to say:

And, one with what we’re all thinking, because Five Bedrooms is from the writers of Offspring after all…

Five Bedrooms continues on Wednesdays at 8.30pm on Network Ten.

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