OPINION: We’ve all met a Five Bedroom’s “Lachlan” before and we really wish we hadn’t

No thank you to all the Lachlan’s out there...
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If you watched the premiere of Network Ten’s newest drama, Five Bedrooms, you’d be hard-pressed not to relate to at least one of the six main characters we met.

In fact, there’s a little piece of all of us in Liz, Ben, Heather, Ainsley, Harry and Lachlan plus a little piece of people we have definitely encountered.

Which brings me to Lachlan, played by Packed to the Rafters star and three-time Logie winner, Hugh Sheridan.

Network Ten describes Lachlan as “the one everyone loves instantly. He’s disarming and openhearted. A salt-of-the-earth guy who gives great hugs. When he pays you compliments, he means it, but he honestly has problems seeing things from other people’s perspective.”

Except, after watching, Lachlan feels like NONE of the above.

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The character bio for Lachlan (played by Hugh Sheridan) from Five Bedrooms.

(Credit: Network Ten)

Sure, he’s the guy you fall in love with but he’s also the emotionally unavailable douchebag who uses and abuses your kindness before ripping out your heart and stomping all over it with his massive ego.

He’s the guy whose marriage or relationship is an absolute travesty and then calls you for “advice”, only to ignore it and keep on keepin’ on.

And poor Ainsley (Katie Robinson) had it bad for this bad boy and who could hardly blame her?

Lachlan is good looking, charismatic and charming – and he always keeps coming back for more.

Lachlan (Hugh Sheridan) and Ainsley (Katie Robinson) after they buy a house on Five Bedrooms.

(Credit: Network Ten)

And while he had all these qualities, Lachlan breadcrumbed her for years (“classic Lachlan”), sleeping with her when the going got tough and his relationship went to sh- -, all the while saying she was his “best friend” and “work wife”.

He even told Ainsley that she was the reason his relationship with his wife had survived all these years because she “gave the best advice”.

Give us a break, Lachlan.

You’re selfish and unappreciative and we’re glad Ainsley finally realised that her self-worth doesn’t lie in the times you call her late at night for a warm body to cosy up to (“four times” and she “was sober every time.”)

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We’ve all met a Lachlan before and we really wish we hadn’t, but we’re thankful that an Aussie TV show has put him in his place.

And do you know what? NO. No thank you. No thank you to all the Lachlan’s out there. We don’t want you.

Oh, and we’re also glad that Heather (Doris Younane) didn’t put up with your crap either because everyone needs a strong and powerful Heather in their life.

Women, be more like Heather.

Five Bedrooms continues on Wednesdays at 8.30pm on Network Ten

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