FIRST LOOK: Network 10’s new drama Five Bedrooms is going straight to the top of your must-watch list

A spontaneous decision by five strangers could be the best – or worst – decision of their lives.
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Weddings are usually a time of celebration and rejoicing.

But for guests at the designated “singles table”, the happy event is often a sombre reminder of their solo status.

Seated at the back of the room, five strangers suffer in uncomfortable silence. Music blares from a nearby speaker and the chair arrangements highlight the bride and groom’s clumsy attempt at matchmaking at the event. Thankfully, the champagne is in constant rotation…

This is where 10’s new drama Five Bedrooms begins. Wedding guests Ainsley (Katie Robertson), Harry (Roy Joseph), Liz (Kat Stewart), Ben (Stephen Peacocke) and Lachlan (Hugh Sheridan) are vastly different, but all of them are unlucky in love – and ready for a fresh start.

They trade stories and observe their surroundings, noting how little love is in the room. It’s not just them, after all. But as talk turns to real estate, they can’t deny that a second income is invaluable.

In an inebriated state, they jokingly propose to buy a house together.

“They are all very different and at different stages in life,” Katie tells TV WEEK. “So they all have individual reasons for wanting to do this.”

These strangers meet at the singles table at a wedding (Image: Network 10).

But as a new day dawns, the absurd idea becomes reality. They arrange to meet at an auction and unexpectedly have the winning bidding. Suddenly, a new chapter has begun.

For Ainsley, who narrates the first episode, the big move brings her closer to colleague Lachlan, with whom she’s madly in love.

The only problem? Lachlan is recently separated and his wife isn’t ready to let go – so much, that she arrives at the house and demands he come home.

“Ainsley has been in love from Lachlan for five years,” Katie explains. “She genuinely believes he’s the right person for her and he gives her enough hope to think it will.”

Even with the chaos, will she tell him how she feels?

Ainsley has been “madly in love” with Lachlan for years (Image: Network 10).

Meanwhile, love is off the table for Ainsley’s landlord Heather (Doris Younane), who’s trapped in a dull marriage and is curious about her friend’s unique investment.

“She’s not happy in her life and has hit a turning point,” Doris , 56, explains. “She has outgrown her marriage and her children don’t need her. It’s quite relatable.”

Moving day arrives and with it comes a few surprises. Liz struggles with buyer’s remorse, and a leaking tap puts the housemates at odds.

Have they made the biggest of mistakes?

Will they regret buying a home together? (Image: Network 10).

In the exciting new series, Kat Stewart proves why she’s an acting legend, while fans of Stephen Peacocke are set to see his cheeky side.

The heart and humour of the show, mixed with some real life topics of conversation, will have viewers coming back for more.

So when can we expect to see it on our screens? Five Bedrooms will premiere Wednesday 15th of May at 8:30pm on Network 10 – and we can’t wait!

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