Nine marriages and 26 (yes, 26!) kids: Here’s what the Farmer Wants a Wife couples are up to now

We take a look back at some of our favourite matches.
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Farmer Wants A Wife Australia is the feel-good show that helped isolated Aussie farmers find a wife.

Hosted by Samantha Armytage and co-hosted by Natalie Gruzlewski, the show ran on and off for nine seasons between 2007 and 2016 and boasts some of the best success stories known to local reality TV!

In 2020, we finally got the reboot we’d all been waiting for – Channel seven revived the show with five hopeful farmers looking for love.

The season wasn’t um, quite as successful as we’d hoped in the love department, but it sure did make some good television.

Then 2021’s brand new season, aired and while there were no perfect matches for the new Farmer Five we were gifted a new bub.

But all this new Farmer goss has us wondering: Where exactly did all the old farmers and city girls end up?

Well, we have good news – the show has enjoyed a much better strike rate than rival Married At First Sight.

We check in with your fave key players and see what they’re up to now…

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Chris Newsome & Kim Tierney

Season One – 2007

True love was found right from the very beginning of Farmer Wants A Wife in 2007. Chris Newsome and Kim Tierney met on the show and were the first couple to marry, with their wedding being filmed for season two. The couple now have a son and daughter together.

Image: Bauer Syndication/ Woman’s Day

Rob Hodges & Jo Fincham

Season Two – 2008

Beef and sheep farmer Rob Hodges, from Mount Gambier, stole the heart of city girl Jo Fincham in season two, and the couple has since tied the knot. The married couple have three kids – two girls and a boy.

‘”We we very lucky,” Jo told Adelaide Now in 2022 interview of the ”instant chemistry” the pair shared on a speed date.

”We could have chatted for ages and (our relationship) unravelled very naturally.”

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Damian Atkins & Rachael Peynenborg

Season Three – 2009

In 2009, season three’s Damian Atkins and Rachael Peynenborg hit it off immediately and have been going strong ever since. A fairytale ending ensued after meeting on the show and they’re now married with three kids.

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Scott Warby & Clare Spark

Season Four – 2009

After FWAW filming wrapped, Scott and Clare dated long distance before he proposed a mere nine months later. The Brisbane girl relocated to their Mungindi property and welcomed two children together, Elsie and Fraser.

Speaking to TV WEEK in 2020, Clare revealed “appearing on Farmer Wants A Wife worked out very well for us.”

With more than a decade of marriage, Clare assures her husband is still “very romantic.”

“He always brings me wildflowers from the paddock and takes me on little getaways,” Clare revealed.

Meanwhile Scott said Clare doesn’t skimp on romantic gestures either.

“She surprised me with a new golf buggy recently,” he told TV WEEK.

How Scott and Clare met is not a secret to their young children, with Elsie even watching the show!

“She’s was a little confused as to why we were on TV,” Clare said. “She thinks it’s hilarious though too.”

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Farmer Wants A Wife looks back at their success stories in 2020 promo

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Brad Crane & Stacie Marmion

Season Four – 2009

Season four proved to be quite successful in the love department! Lithgow cattle farmer Brad Crane admits he only went on the show for a bit of fun – and couldn’t believe he ended up meeting his now wife Stacie Marmion! Brad proposed to Stacie after six months of dating. The married couple now have three gorgeous girls – Darcie, six, Bobbie, four, and Frankie, two.

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Nathan McClymont & Amanda Ecker

Season Five – 2010

Talk about a whirlwind romance! Farmer Nathan McClymont met Amanda Ecker in season five in 2010 – and proposed in the finale! She said yes and they now have three kids together!

Image: Supplied

Frank Atherton & Tenille Jolly

Season Seven – 2011

It all started with a five-minute speed date for farmer Frank Atherton and Perth office girl Tenille Jolly. From that moment on, sparks flew between the pair, who ended up becoming a love match on the show. Fast forward two years on Valentine’s Day, when grazier Frank proposed on his Hughenden property, and the pair are now married with one child, four-year-old Oliver.

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Sam Alford & Jodie Byrne

Season Eight – 2012

Season eight of Farmer Wants A Wife certainly had a happy ending. Cattleman and musterer Farmer Sam Alford won over Sydney-based travel agent Jodie Byrne on the show. Just three months after the show ended, Jodie made the decision to relocate to Sam’s WA property and he proposed over the 2012 Christmas break. The couple married at the beginning of 2015 and welcomed baby River in 2018.


Hayley Love

Season Eleven – 2021

Thus far, the show had been a wholesome affair, but in 2021 it saw its first MAFS-worthy scandal. Hayley was one of Farmer Matt Terwin’s girls before she was sent home and began a relationship with Farmer Will Dwyer. Fans were shocked when Hayley later announced she was 22 weeks pregnant with Will’s child.

In a statement to, she clarified, “I started my relationship with Farmer Will in December before the reunion episode was filmed a few weeks later in January. He told me he wasn’t with Jaimee, and Jaimee was in contact with me before the reunion.”

Soon after her genuinely shocking reveal, Farmer Will responded to the claims with a statement speculating if the baby was his by sharing on Instagram, “If this is in fact my child, I’ll be there whenever the child needs me. Even if, as parents, we can’t be a couple, our family will be filled with love for our child.” On December 7 at 10:03 pm, the blonde beauty gave birth to a sweet girl named Daisy.

(Image: Instagram)

Jess Nathan & Andrew Guthrie

Season Eleven – 2021

Over the course of season 11, Jess and Andrew declared their love for each other in the finale.

In November 2021, Jess announced the pair were finally moving in together after doing long distance for 11 months.

“After exactly 11 months of long distance and a million lockdowns later, today has finally arrived. So excited to start this next chapter with my love, starting with a big ol’ house reno on our brand spankin new property! (Well, new to us),” she wrote on Instagram.

In August 2023, the pair took to Instagram to share the news of their engagement.

Farmer Wants A Wife,” they captioned the adorable picture.

IMAGE: Supplied

Harry Lloyd & Tess Brookman

Season Twelve – 2022

Farmer Harry and Tess overcame many obstacles during their season but ultimately fell head over heels for one another.

”If I’m honest, Tess, I’m in love with you, and I wanna be with you,” Harry told Tess in the finale.

Due to the long distance, Harry has since relocated from his country home to the Gold Coast for a ”cheeky gap year.”

”For him to make that decision and commit to it has been huge,” Tess said.

”I do really love him for being so willing to move for me. I know that Harry’s making compromises for me right now, so I’m more than willing to do that in the future, because I do really love him.”

(Image: Supplied)

Will Simpson & Jess Cova

Season Twelve – 2022

After declaring his love for Jess in the finale episode, Farmer Will revealed during the final that he and Jess ”haven’t spent a day apart.”

”Since the final decision, we’ve really ran with it,” he said, revealing that Jess moved to the farm in Berriwillock, Victoria and ”hasn’t left yet.”

”I think our relationship is just blossoming as each day goes by,” Jess said.

The former city girl has even joined the local netball team, taken up a nursing job and a bar job at the local pub, in addition to her studies and is loving country life.

In January 2023, the couple even adopted a dachshund puppy they called Clyde into their family.

(Image: Instagram)

Brad Jones & Clare Hockings

Season Thirteen – 2023

Two months after declaring their love in the 2023 season finale, the pair moved in together on Brad’s crop and cattle farm. In July, the couple announced they were expecting their first baby together with the little bub arriving in December.

“We didn’t think it would happen as quick as it did,” Brad told our sister site, New Idea. “We’re on the same page and just happy doing life together.”

Their babies name is Roy Grahame Jones.

(Image: Instagram)

David McMahon & Emily

Season Thirteen – 2023

Sparks began to fly early for these love-birds, with David immediately falling for her “funny” and “bubbly energy.” Not long after the finale, Emily relocated to Pozieres to live on the farm.

In October, the pair took to Instagram to share the exciting news that David dropped to one knee and asked the very special question.

“Incredibly proud to announce, this Farmer has found his Wife,” he wrote.

(Image: Instagram)

Andrew Coleman & Claire Saunders

Season Thirteen – 2023

The thirteenth season of FWAW was undoubtedly one of the most successful. Andrew and Claire exited the reality dating program early, confident in their love.

“I really didn’t have a clue that was going to happen,” she previously told Woman’s Day of their sudden departure.

“I got to the farm and there was a letter on the bed, and it said, ‘Meet me out the front, we need to talk.’ I thought I was going home, so I didn’t expect that, it was nice.”

It didn’t take long for Claire to pack her bags and relocate to Andrew’s farm in Narromine, NSW. Nearly a year later on March 17, 2024, Andrew dropped to one knee and asked for Claire’s hand in marriage.

Farmer Wants A Wife returns to Channel 7 and 7Plus on April 14. Looking for something to watch before FWAW returns? Check out our TV Guide.

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