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Farmer Wants A Wife’s Jess and Will talk keeping fit, fur baby Clyde and family plans

''We do want a family.''
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The slogan ‘those who run together, stay together’ is especially fitting for 2022 Farmer Wants A Wife love-birds Jessica Cova and Will Simpson who have supported each other through all the “ups and downs.”

In 2022, Will found his soulmate in Jess and it should come as no surprise these two are such close life partners after only lasting two weeks in a long-distance relationship before Jess moved to the countryside.

Will, Jess and their little fur baby Clyde.

(Image: Instagram)

The pair recently took their country love to the city for the Run Melbourne festival.

“Since moving to the farm, you don’t really have your local gym to go to. I booked a half marathon for Will and I in March and it was really good, both supported each other… Will probably carried me a lot more of the way,” Jess joked.

Jess was hooked to the feeling of successfully crossing the finish line with Will, some call it a runner’s high.

But there is something that makes Run Melbourne Festival special and it’s running for charity. The couple revealed to TV WEEK, they will be raising funds and awareness for Lifeline.

The pair are running for charity in the Run Melbourne Festival.

(Image: Instagram)

“We know how much Lifeline does for the whole of Australia, in particular for where we are out here. Suicide is one of the biggest killers for young men,” Will said.

“It’s not a common thing, but its not an uncommon thing out here for that to happen.

“In the farming sense, if things are tough they can be really tough. You can lose your business, you can lose your family, you can lose a farm that’s been in your family for generations. It’s a fine line between things being okay and things being shit for a really long time, I think that’s where the pressure comes in on your mental health.”

However, the pair split ways for the marathon on July 16, as Jess ran the half marathon and Will took on the 10km event.

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And while running can be a great outlet for mental health, we have no doubt their fur-baby Clyde is putting in the extra hours making sure his parents feel loved!

Despite Clyde’s small stature – which Will pointed out he often forgets – little Clyde has a “good bark” and loves to help on the farm. Something of which Jess wished she did more, but her job as a nurse undoubtedly keeps her busy enough.

Admittedly, Jess revealed she is “loving” her new “home” on the farm. One day there will even be mini farmers on the job as the couple revealed kids are definitely on the horizon.

“We’re just practicing at this stage,” Will joked.

“We talk about it, and we’ve been talking about it lately haven’t we Jess? Just how we want our future to progress, like we do want a family that’s sort of a non-negotiable it’s just a matter of when and timing of Jess’ career.

Clyde often forgets how tiny he is while out on the farm!

(Image: Instagram)

“It’ll happen. It’ll happen,” Jess assured.

But while the couple wait to start a family, there is one thing the pair teased to Instagram – a wedding.

“Oh my… @jessicacova I found our wedding singer,” Will shared to Instagram.

To which Jess reshared to her story, writing: “Ummm… Is this a hint?!”

It is incredible to watch Jess and Will’s love transform, from a reality television show to a normal relationship. But could something have stopped these lovebirds in their tracks? Yes.

It wasn’t until they were deep into their relationship when Jess discovered that Will was… a serious cat lover.

Is there a wedding on the horizon for Will and Jess?

(Image: Instagram)

“He loves cats! It’s very weird. He hisses,” she joked.

“What? No, that’s not true,” Will responded. “I do like cats. I didn’t say anything about it on my application, Jess has said a few times if for some reason I may have put on there that I did like cats she may not have applied.”

Jess believed that his application should have read: “I’m Farmer Will and I’m a cat man.”

Luckily for Will, Jess’ deal breaker was left off the application!

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