Creator Liz Feldman spills on whether Dead to Me will return for Season 2

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This article contains spoilers for Season One of Dead to Me.

Netflix’s Dead to Me is fast becoming a cult classic, and it’s not hard to see why. The witty new drama series has won over a legion of fans with it’s incredible cast and edgy storyline.

The new series stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini as unlikely housemates, who bond over their losses in grief counselling. Kind of a Grace and Frankie meets Big Little Lies.

I must tell you that I love Christina SO much that I consider View From The Top a classic film. As for Linda, have you seen Freaks and Geeks? I was always going to be a fan of the series. Two legendary actresses and an enticing plot? Sign. Me. Up.

Like any good youth, I quickly binge-watched the entire series and was left gobsmacked by it. I was sitting on the edge of my seat throughout the finale.

Judy and Jen bond in grief counselling (Image: Netflix).

As viewers all know, Jen (Christina) is struggling to come to terms with the death of her husband, Ted, as she befriends Judy (Linda).

It turns out Judy and her ex-fiance Steve (James Marsden) are responsible for the hit-and-run that killed Ted. When she learns of this, Jen kicks Judy out of her home and goes to the police. In the season’s final moments, Jen calls Judy to return home. When Judy arrives, she finds Jen standing above Steve’s lifeless body in the pool.

This moment was, of course, foreshadowed by Jen’s chat with her bubbly neighbour Karen (Suzy Nakamura) who told her “did you know if you ask someone to leave your home and they don’t, you can totally shoot them.”

But, we didn’t actually see how Steve’s death came to be. Did Judy shoot Steve? Did Steve try to take the gun and it accidentally fired? Were any of Judy’s children somehow involved?

It’s all very mysterious, and my need to know more is only heightened by the fact that creator and showrunner Liz Feldman has hinted that what we THINK happened isn’t necessarily what actually happened.

“I’ll just say that you don’t know that she shot him,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“Just like the rest of the show, it’s not exactly what you think it’s going to be. Netflix will have to order a season two for us all to find out.”

Will the tables turn for Judy and Jen in season two (Image: Netflix).

If Netflix does move ahead with a second season, Liz hints at a ‘role reversal’ for the women, as Judy is now the one grieving her dead husband.

“There’s an evening of the score and there’s a rebalancing that will take place and almost, in some ways, a role reversal,” she says of plans for a second season.

“This show will always be a show that explores the dark sides and the light sides of grief, loss, forgiveness and friendship. So suffice to say, there will be more darkness.”

While Netflix is yet to confirm season two, audience interest is a good sign! If the interest is there, and the creator has a plan, we could be looking forward to new episodes soon.

Dead to Me season one is currently streaming on Netflix.

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