EXCLUSIVE: Bonnie Anderson spills on Jodi Gordon’s Neighbours exit, her boyfriend Jordan Simi and teaming up with her sister

“It blows my mind”
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Actress and singer Bonnie Anderson feels blessed to be surrounded by love from all directions.

The Neighbours star has been dating Jordan Simi for “half a year” and Bonnie tells Now To Love it wasn’t long into their relationship that Jordan pulled off his first big romantic gesture.

“For my 25th birthday last year when we first started dating and he actually surprised me and moved down to Melbourne because he was living in Sydney,” Bonnie reveals.

“We sort of talked about it because we missed each other a lot so it was pretty special when he finally did it – he tricked me. I thought he was ignoring me all day but he was really driving down to Melbourne.”

The smitten actress describes her boyfriend Jordan as “the best teammate ever”

(Image: @bonnieandersonmusic/ Instagram)

While the geneticlly blessed couple has yet to hit their one-year anniversary, Bonnie doesn’t hesitate when it comes to gushing about her beau.

“It’s been a really special time. It feels like forever, he feels like my best friend. He is very kind to me every day. He wakes up and he’ll give me a big cuddle,” she says.

“I think we always give each other love and respect and that’s something that’s really important. For special occasions he’ll always be there – he goes out of his way. He’s just the best teammate ever.”

Bonnie’s boyfriend isn’t the only person she shares a special bond with; the actress has become close with her Neighbours co-star Jodi Gordon, who recently announced she is leaving the long-running soap.

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Bonnie admits she’s “really sad” about Jodi’s departure from Neighbours.

(Image: @bonnieandersonmusic/ Instagram)

“I’m really sad, I think it’s going to be really different at work, the dynamic will change – which it does when people leave. It’s hard because we spend half of our lives with these people as these characters,” Bonnie admits of Jodi’s impending exit.

“We actually only met two years ago when I started this show. It blows my mind because we play on-screen sisters but we really are such good friends. She’s a really special person in my life, I’m there by her side every day and she’s the same with me. It’s really going to be tough.”

And while Bonnie shares a close bond with Jodi, who plays her on-screen sister, the former X Factor star is even closer with her real-life sister Amber Wilkinson.

Bonnie and her sister Amber Wilkinson.

(Image: Supplied)

The pair have teamed up for Amber’s design label Kind is Cool, with Bonnie collaborating on the Delilah over-sized tee, which is named after Bonnie’s beloved pet dog.

“I’m the youngest of three so I’m the baby. I’ve got a very open-minded family. So Amber’s actually been brought into my family kind of like an adopted sister so it’s actually quite special,” Bonnie shares of their relationship.

“The old saying is you don’t have to be blood to be sisters. I’ve never known anything different really since I was a young girl and Amber’s a really special part of my life.”

Bonnie models the DELILAH oversized tee.

(Image: Supplied)

Bonnie adds that she’s incredibly excited to be part of the collaboration and is proud to see what her sister has achieved with Kind Is Cool.

“She’s my older sister – we’re ten years apart – and it’s been special watching as an outsider and as a little sister, just watching her grow and put all her effort into this brand,” Bonnie says.

“How we like to view life is kindness overrules everything and that’s the energy we like to portray. Watching her go through all of this and make this brand has been really a proud moment for me.”

The DELILAH oversized tee is $54.95 and available online at Kind Is Cool

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