Meet the new 'Neighbours' star set to stir up trouble

Pop singer Bonnie Anderson joins the Aussie drama.

There's a new face coming to Neighbours! While she's unfamiliar to viewers, one or two Ramsay Street residents will undoubtedly recognise her.
Bea, the wild-child of the Conway family and estranged half-sister of Elly, is returning to Erinsborough. And she's sure to cause some trouble.
Played by Bonnie Anderson, the pop sensation and actress, first appeared on our screens in 2002 on Australia's Got Talent.
Just 12-years-old at the time, the young singer took the talent competition by storm and won the grand final.
"I went on the show [and] I sung my little heart out the best I could. I loved being on there it was such a cool experience," Bonnie says of her time on the talent show.
"[Winning] was an absolute amazing shock and very overwhelming."
Bonnie is heading to Ramsay Street - and she's sure to stir up trouble!
Now 11 years on, Bonnie is set to shake things up on the Neighbours set courtesy of her fiery and fierce character Bea. So what can we expect from the newcomer?
"She's very guarded to begin with. I think we will see her really let her guard down soon. She's kind of fun, she's cheeky [and] she's a little bit naughty," the 23-year-old says.
Bea's unannounced return to Erinsborough comes as a shock to the Conway/Kennedy family, who had no knowledge of her whereabouts until now. After a life on the streets we're left to wonder what her reason for moving home could be.
"Coming back to Erinsborough seemed like a good idea but she is very guarded, she's a tough love kind of girl," Bonnie says of her character.
"She wants to be close with her family but she can't be because she has no trust, she's been let down too many times."

This is the 'Blackout' singer's first major acting role and Executive Producer, Jason Herbison, has no doubt fans will love her.
"Audiences have already fallen in love with Bonnie as a singer and I'm sure they will as an actress too," he says.
"We were so impressed when we first met her, that we created the character of 'Bea' especially for her."

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