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Kylie Minogue has a good reason as to why Charlene could never return to Neighbours

Has Kylie ruled out the possibility of EVER returning?

By TV Week team
It's been nearly 30 years since she appeared on our screens as Charlene Robinson, but Kylie Minogue is still fielding questions about her potential Neighbours return.
And off the back of Plain Jane Superbrain aka Annie Jones' recent reappearance at No. 32, the question of whether Charlene could also make a comeback is more relevant than ever.
Jane was Charlene's bridesmaid at her unforgettable wedding to Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan), after all, and their on-screen reunion would (probably) stop the nation.
However, Kylie says reprising the role of Charlene wouldn't be a good idea.
"I don't know that I could," she tells Dan Wootton on The Dan Wootton Interview. "Never say never about anything but I just think it would be a let-down."
Kylie played Charlene for two years.
She adds that such an iconic '80s TV personality is best left unspoiled in the memories of fans.
"I think Charlene lives in that time and lives in people's memories [a certain way]," she argues.
"I mean, it hasn't stopped me being incredibly excited that Plain Jane Super Brain is about to make a return to Neighbours but no, it's not happening at this point in time."
While a Neighbours comeback would certainly be a treat and a half, Kylie hasn't entirely turned her back on an Australian-based career.
She recently reunited with ex-Neighbours co-star Guy Pearce in Aussie drama-comedy, Swinging Safari.
Kylie also made a reappearance, as herself, for Neighbours' 30th anniversary special in 2015. Packed with stars from its early years and the present day, the reunion was an opportunity for the actors to reminisce about their time show.

As for the next time we'll see Kylie on our screens, the pop superstar has kept her upcoming projects under wraps while she promos her brand-new album, Golden.
The title, surprisingly, fits perfectly with the current climate of #metoo and the call to see older women in the media.
"I felt like I had to say something," she tells the ABC.
"I definitely knew that by hook or by crook I wanted to have this phrase on the album saying, 'We're not young, we're not old, we're golden'."

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