EXCLUSIVE: The Bold Type star Aisha Dee spills on the “surprising” way the show is going to end

''I wasn’t expecting it.''
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All good things must come to an end. And, in this case that good, good thing is The Bold Type.

Calling it a wrap with its fifth season, the show is tying up Jane, Sutton and Kat’s stories in just six episodes.

It’s certainly no easy feat with viewers deeply invested in each woman’s journey thus far, but Aisha Dee, who plays Kat, tells Now To Love exclusively the show runners not only pulled it off but managed to do the unexpected ending.

Aisha wasn’t expecting the ending the producers opted for.


“I was really surprised,” Aisha tells Now To Love of the final scenes.

“The last two episodes surprised me a lot. I wasn’t expecting it to end the way that it did, but I think it’s really sweet. I hope that fans will feel a sense of closure.”

Fans may remember Aisha from her younger years playing Desiree Biggin in iconic series, The Saddle Club.

At just 17-years-old the Aussie star made the huge move to LA where she was “always blessed to be working”.

Aisha got her start on Aussie kids show The Saddle Club.

(Channel Nine/Stan)

Still, based on her experience working in Hollywood, she never expected The Bold Type to become the success that it is.

“Most of the shows that I did would always get canceled after one season and so I just was like ‘Oh, that’s just what happens. And that’s okay’.

“No one ever really watched any of the shows that I was doing, they kind of just flew pretty like under the radar,” Aisha explains before revealing she expected the same from the popular Stan show.

What will season 5 hold for our leading ladies?


“Even though I loved it and I believed in it so much, I thought there are hundreds of shows and it’s the same people who are going to watch this one, you know? But, I think it kind of just came at the right time.”

Naturally, saying goodbye to the show and her co-stars hasn’t been easy the actress revealing she’s still getting teary talking about it well after the producers called ‘cut’ for the final time.

“I feel a lot of very big emotions and a range of emotions, but I think for the most part, I just feel really grateful because it’s really not often that you get to be on a show for five seasons.”

The Bold Type Season 5 premieres 27 May, only on Stan – same day as the US.

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