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EXCLUSIVE: Aussie actress Aisha Dee is the star of a global television phenomenon, but she hasn’t forgotten her Saddle Club days

She's a leading actress in the new-age version of Sex and the City, but Aisha will never forget her roots.
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These days, Aisha Dee is instantly recognisable as one of the leading faces currently gracing our screens on Stan’s The Bold Type, but you’d be right in thinking you’ve seen her somewhere else before.

To save you from the despair-filled chase of trying to figure out exactly where that is, we’re guessing you’ll utter a resounding “ahh” upon learning that she was indeed one of the young horse-loving gals from OG Aussie kids show The Saddle Club.

Ahh, indeed. What a time it was – Aisha was joined by a slew of Aussie actresses including Marny Kennedy and Ariel Kaplan as she played the character of Desiree Biggins, a newcomer to the fictional Willow Creek, and fellow horse-enthusiast alongside pals Carole, Stevie and Lisa.

Any bells ringing now?

Here’s a casual blast from the past – the cast of The Saddle Club pictured back in 2009 (L), and Aisha’s new gig on The Bold Type (R).

(Channel Nine / Stan)

Not to alarm you at all, but Aisha filmed the Saddle Club a casual 12 years ago – and no, you’re not the only one that’s feeling ancient right now.

“That was so long ago, but isn’t it funny how the older you get you feel like that was last week?!” Aisha tells Now To Love.

“A lot has changed since then, just in terms of the world and how it works now… nobody had an iPhone back then,” she adds.

But there is one thing that hasn’t changed at all – she’s still just as close with the actresses from the old-school kids television series as she was when she filmed it.

“They’ll always be like my sisters. Of course it’s harder to catch up now we’re all trying to hustle, but no matter how much time passes we always just fall right back into our rhythm again,” she says.

“I’m actually having dinner with the girls tonight!”

Aisha Dee (R) still chats to her Saddle Club co-stars.

(Channel Nine)

It seems Aisha, now 26, has had a good run in finding life-long friends through her work as an actress.

The talented Aussie currently plays the role of Kat Edison in The Bold Type, a wildly popular television show airing on Stan. The series is so well-loved that it’s been likened to a modern-day Sex and the City.

But instead of SATC‘s iconic foursome, The Bold Type revolves around a golden trio of women who work for New York City-based fashion magazine Scarlett – loosely based off the real-life story of Cosmopolitan whilst it was under the reign of editor-in-chief Joanna Coles.

Characters Jane Sloan (played by Katie Stevens), Sutton Brady (played by Meghann Fahy) and of course Aisha’s character Kat, are twenty-somethings navigating their way through the cut-throat world of fashion magazines, romantic relationships, self-discovery and above all, friendships.

In real life, the three actresses are genuine besties.

“From the very first moment we met we were kind of like, ‘Oh okay we fit’,” Aisha says.

“We’re all incredibly different but somehow we work and we balance each other out – it’s actually kind of weird doing an interview without them.

“Like, when I get tired and sleepy I trust Katie’s gonna talk. And then if I’m having bad moment I’m like ‘Oh Megan will make me laugh’, and then Katie will tell me I’m beautiful.”

To boot, their on-screen counterparts have an infamous knack of meeting in the fashion cupboard during times of crisis on the show – and it’s reassuring to know that fully translates to real-life for the actresses.

“I think our make-up trailer is our fashion cupboard [in real life],” Aisha says, admitting they most definitely have moments where a soundless agreement ends in the three of them dashing there to have a quick crisis talk.


When it comes to the show’s progressive and thought-provoking story lines, the phrase ‘art imitates life’ very much comes to mind, Aisha confirms.

In season one, the show addresses sexual harassment in the workplace when fictional editor-in-chief Jacqueline Carlyle finally goes public with her own story of sexual assault, which occurred when she was trying to make it in the industry.

Interestingly, the show was filmed before the “Me Too” movement took off in 2017.

The global movement came after an extraordinary exposé from the New York Times ultimately brought to light hundreds of sexual harassment allegations towards prominent men in Hollywood, including Harvey Weinstein.

While The Bold Type is a fictional show, it was interesting to note that it was already addressing social issues that needed to be brought to light, sometimes before people even knew they were happening.

“I feel like both things happen at once – that’s kind of true about television and movies and pop culture,” Aisha explains.

“It’s like this two way mirror. Television reflects what’s happening in society, and then sometimes what’s happening in society influences what’s happening on television.”

Aisha’s character Kat comes to discover her sexuality in another of the show’s forward-thinking storylines.

(Freeform / Getty Images)

In addition to this, the show also addresses the personal trials and triumphs of self discovery.

In the first season, Kat embarks on a relationship with a woman after discovering she is bisexual.

“We see [Kat] discover her sexuality in this kind of new way, without any judgement or self-loathing or anything,” Aisha explains.

“I think it’s really aspirational – it’s not necessarily everyone’s experiences but I think it is really cool to see,” she adds.

Kat’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Adena, who is a proud Muslim lesbian artist, also brings to light issues around racism and cultural misunderstanding.

“All of our producers have really empowered us to be a part of the process,” Aisha says.

“But that doesn’t always mean I get my way,” she adds.

“If I had my way let me tell you what season two would have been – Kat and Adena are on a mountain in Peru, and they’re just chilling, they’re having a great time together and they’re just happy and in love.

“That’s the entire show after that. And that’s where they go,” she laughs.

“She’s my Mr Big!”

WATCH: The Bold Type season four trailer. Story continues…

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In terms of what’s coming next for the talented actress behind the progressive character, it seems Kat’s story is far from over.

The fourth season of The Bold Type drops on Stan on January 24, and we’re confident there are plenty more tales to come where Jane, Sutton and Kat are concerned.

So for now, we’ll start microwaving the popcorn (and perhaps purchase a nice bottle of red on the way home), because there’s a bunch of brand new episodes waiting to be watched.

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