SAS Australia’s Ant Middleton set to star in brutal new reality show: “Think The Hunger Games meets Lost”

''This is a high-stakes challenge for regular, everyday Aussies.''
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Ant Middleton shot to fame as the no-nonsense Chief Instructor on the TV WEEK Logie Awards-nominated hit SAS Australia, but the former special forces solider has another exciting reality TV show on the horizon.

On Thursday, The Seven Network announced that Ant will host the Australian version of Million Dollar Island, a revolutionary social experiment coming to screens in 2023.

“Million Dollar Island is must-see event television. Think The Hunger Games meets Lost… but not quite as brutal,” Ant said of the new show.

Ant will host the Australian version of Million Dollar Island.

(Image: Seven)

“This is a high-stakes challenge for regular, everyday Aussies. Literally anyone can apply. You don’t have to be the fittest or the strongest person to win big.

“Emotional intelligence and self-belief are key here. I can’t wait to see what the Aussie contestants have got, how well they know themselves and how far they’ll go to change their lives.”

Seven’s Chief Content Officer, Entertainment Programming, Angus Ross, said giving Ant the role of host was a no-brainer given his popularity among Aussies.

Ant has been the Chief Instructor on the first three seasons of SAS Australia.

(Image: Seven)

“He is smart, tough and a brilliant strategist, qualities that will be invaluable as he immerses himself in the game play in what promises to be the most engaging and fascinating new series Australia has seen in a long time,” Angus said.

Million Dollar Island is a ground-breaking concept in which 100 ordinary people try to stay on a remote island, vying for a chance to win $1 million – the biggest prize money on Australian TV.

But braving the harsh conditions with limited means isn’t the only challenge on an island full of mystery and surprise, hardships and rewards.

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Each contestant starts the adventure with a wristband worth $10,000. While they are on the island, contestants can gain and lose wristbands by competing in various games.

They can also receive wristbands from other contestants. When someone gives up and decides to leave the island, they must give their wristband to a contestant who stays behind.

“Alliances mean everything. Friendships are worth a fortune. Some contestants will become richer by winning games and inheriting wristbands, while those who lose and fail to collect new wristbands must eventually go home,” Channel Seven said of the new concept.

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