EXCLUSIVE: The Amazing Race contestants meet only for the first time at the start line

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If you’re a die-hard Amazing Race fan, then you’ve probably noticed that the teams aren’t all that familiar with one another – especially during the first few legs.

While, they’re cordial enough (unless you’re this year’s villains Sid and Ash), it almost seems as though the contestants have never even met before.

Well spoiler alert, they actually haven’t.

During a chat with Alana and Niko after their record-breaking (and not in a good way) elimination in the very first episode, the brother and sister duo revealed that they “didn’t even know the other contestants’ names” before the race began.

“In the lead up [to the race] you’re around them but you’re not allowed to talk to anyone or say anything because it’s all hush hush,” Alana told Now to Love.

“We had no idea anyone’s names, we learnt them all afterwards.”

Before the race started, the contestants all attend the same pre-filming “promo days” but Niko as added, “you see them but you’re not allowed to even introduce yourself.”

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Alana and Niko were the first team eliminated on The Amazing Race Australia.

(Source: Network Ten)

During the race, however, is another story – in fact, the teams can talk to each other, but “there’s no time to talk really. You’re just racing.”

“You’d think we’d all be best friends,” Alana said, before adding that even at the pit stop – contestants still don’t come face-to-face for catch-ups.

“It’s a tight time-frame,” she said. “So they [the teams] were already off and by the time we woke up the next day, they were already gone. We had dinner by ourselves and then did interviews and went home.”

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According to the young pair, we will see all of the contestants come together for a big finale but it was only then that they got to know their fellow racers.

And now after having met them, who do they think will win?

“Well, I’m not sure if they will win, but I want them to win – the nuns,” Alana admitted.

“We want them to win because they’re so lovely and nice, and they’re the ultimate underdogs and Australia has already fallen in love with them,” Niko added.

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