The Amazing Race Australia: Bondi couple Sid and Ash sabotage the other teams to get ahead

“We’re not here to make friends!”

By TV Week team
With a cash prize of $250,000 waiting across the finish line of The Amazing Race Australia, Sid and Ash will do whatever it takes to win.
The elite swimmers and social-media influencers knew from the start they wanted to employ sneaky tactics to take out the competition.
"We wanted to throw the other teams off from the get-go," Ash, 30, tells TV WEEK. "It definitely worked."
Sid and Ash take on Seoul on The Amazing Race Australia. (Image: Network Ten)
In the first leg of the race this week, Sid steals nuns Judy and Therese's dumplings during a challenge in Seoul, South Korea.
"Straight up, Sid decided to do a few things that were limitless," Ash says. "So we definitely clashed with the other teams." Ash knew their strategy wouldn't win the couple any friends in the race, but has no apologies about that.
"We definitely weren't there to make friends," she says.
Will Sid and Ash become the show's villains? (Image: Network Ten)
"We did clash a lot," Ash recalls. "When you're racing for a quarter of a million dollars and someone gets something wrong, you want to blame them."
Yet, they managed to make it through.
"We were able to bounce back," Ash says.

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