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Backlash is rife as Arabella Del Busso becomes the newest addition to new reality show SAS Australia

The ex-NRL WAG is the latest to join the show's unlikely cast.
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SAS Australia hasn’t even started, yet it’s already become the talk of the town after its latest cast member, Arabella Del Busso was revealed.

And while Arabella, the former partner of NRL player Josh Reynolds, has made headlines for a few reasons over the years, this time around, it’s for something a little more unexpected.

The 30-year-old has become the latest addition in a string of rather unlikely contestants who will be put to the test in the action-reality show, where they will be forced to try their hand at the rigorous SAS selection process.

The network revealed over the weekend that Arabella would be joining the likes of Nick Cummins, AKA the Honey Badger of Bachelor days gone by, as well as convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby and PR maven Roxy Jacenko.

But despite each of the aforementioned names having had their own fair share of controversies, Arabella has sparked perhaps the biggest reaction of all from fans – and the reason why is clear.

Who is Arabella Del Busso?

Arabella, whose real name is Donna Preusker, was thrust into Aussie fame when she was dating NRL player Josh Reynolds.

Known in these circles as a WAG (wives and girlfriends), Arabella made national headlines when she took a video to the police of Josh shouting at her.

“That’s 28 seconds I’ll never be able to take back,” the sports star told 60 Minutes of the shock footage.

It eventuated in a dispute involving Josh’s legal team alleging Del Russo faked three pregnancies and duped her former partner of thousands of dollars.

However, the brunette beauty has slammed the allegations, telling 60 Minutes: “I’m denying those claims.”

She’s also been accused of claiming to have had a brain tumour, cervical cancer and going by nine aliases.

“I don’t have so many aliases. End of story, I’m Bella. That’s it,” she told to 60 Minutes.

According to her Instagram bio, the 30-year-old describes herself as an Italian “glamour/lingerie model” living in Melbourne.

Arabella will join a host of unexpected celebrities for the new Channel Seven show.


Arabella and her former NRL player boyfriend, Josh Reynolds.


Of Arabella’s announcement she’ll be appearing on the new Channel Seven show, fans were quick to take to social media to share their concern.

“I wouldn’t wish what Josh Reynolds went through on my worst enemy. And Channel 7 rewards her with a TV show,” The Daily Telegraph‘s sports editor James Silver said via Twitter.

Another added: “This is disgusting Channel 7. Shame on you. You are better than this.”

Meanwhile, media commentators also shared their thoughts on the new gig for Arabella.

“Another example that infamy and fame are just two sides of the same coin,” Mark Gottlieb, a sports writer, wrote.

Arabella has been at the centre of publicised controversy in the past.


What her time on the show looks like, or how long she lasts is anyone’s guess.

But by the looks of things, it seems she’s not going to be the only contraversial contestant to rile an audience on the new program.

If you are interested in watching, the show is expected to air in October on Channel Seven.

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