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Big Brother VIP star Josh Carroll reveals the heartbreaking reason he avoids social situations

''It makes me want to go insane.''
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Big Brother VIP has had its fair share of emotional moments since it debuted two weeks ago, and Tuesday night’s episode was no exception.

Model Josh Carroll tearfully opened up about his social anxiety, and how his mental health issues were rooted from his father’s sudden death four years ago.

During what started as a casual conversation by the pool, fellow housemate Danny Hayes earnestly told Josh that his first impressions on him couldn’t have been more wrong.

Josh Carroll tearfully opened up about his social anxiety.

(Image: Seven)

“You know what’s funny, when you meet someone. I looked at your Instagram and thought ‘another Insta model w**ker’,” Danny told him.

“I appreciate that,” Josh responded. “That was my mission, to come on here and for people to get to know me and realise that I’m more than just your standard Instagram wanker.

“I’m never at events, I’m never mingling with the Sydney scene. It makes me want to go insane, I just don’t even go anymore. I get panicked easily in crowds, I’ve got crazy social anxiety.

Josh explained to Danny that he is able to manage his anxiety through exercise.

“So yeah, I’m extremely pleased that I was able to come on this show, push myself to mingle with a bunch of – for lack of a better word – randoms, for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Never would think in a million years I would do something like that,” he admitted.

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The 31-year-old Calvin Klein model later confided in actress Ellie Gonsalves about the hardships he’s faced in his life.

The pair bonded over both having lost their fathers when they were just 25.

“My dad was the first person to let me know that I should start modelling. He was depressed, sad and had a bad back. He started taking valium for the pain for his back,” Josh told Ellie.

Josh revealed his anxiety started when his father passed away.

(Image: Seven)

Josh then relived the moment his mother woke him up in the early hours of the morning to tell him his father had passed away.

“She’s like, ‘Josh, Josh!’ and she was crying hysterically, and I’m like, ‘What?’ and she was like, ‘Your dad’s dead’. I touched him and he was ice cold,” he remembered.

“That’s where my anxiety and stuff comes from. Just from that moment, triggered it.”

Josh tearfully admitted that he hasn’t cried in the last four years since his father passed, and said his reason for going on Big brother VIP was to make him proud.

“I want to prove to everyone out there who may be struggling with mental health that they can get after it as well. It’s not as debilitating as you may think,” he said.

Josh said he went on Big Brother VIP to prove that people with anxiety can “get out there”.

(Image: Instagram)

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