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“Dean is scamming us both!” Tracey Jewel on THAT cheating scandal

Tracey Jewel hits back at MAFS's self-proclaimed alpha male.
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Bombshell alert!

After being strung along by the same guy – Dean Wells – on Married At First Sight this season, Tracey Jewel has some choice words for castmate Davina Rankin.

“He told me himself that he didn’t like Davina,” Tracey reveals in an OK! exclusive.

Hold up, let’s rewind for a minute.

After the embarrassment of the commitment ceremony – Tracey says Dean “100 per cent shocked her” when he wrote “leave'” and she wrote “stay” – his deceit caused Tracey to backtrack in their relationship.

“He’s really shocked me and I’ve taken a step back just to protect myself,” the 34-year-old admits.

And when it comes to Dean’s player ways, Tracey says she never saw it coming.

“We had a conversation about what we thought of the other couples,” she says.

“He told me he didn’t like Davina so I was totally thrown off the scent in terms of there being anything there.”

While Tracey initially got along with the 26-year-old, she says Davina’s behaviour as the dinner party progressed was telling.

“I was sitting across from Davina at the first dinner party and we got along for a while,” Tracey recalls.

“But then I noticed she was flirting – with everyone – and I also noticed the things she was saying about [her husband] Ryan, who was sitting right next to her.”

Agreed, poor Ryan!

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The entire ordeal has impacted Tracey’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

To top it all off, Tracey says all the stress and heartbreak of the show has taken its toll, admitting her focus needs to be on her health now.

“When I’m feeling emotional, I can’t eat,” says Tracey.

“I was so stressed by the situation with Dean I lost a lot of weight.”

After revealing she dropped 7kg, Tracey says the weight loss caused her clothes to just hang off her.

“I’ll be eating to get my curves back!” she vows.

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Tracey says the stress of the affair caused her to lose weight.

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