Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Mat Lockett: "I lost 6kgs in 10 days from stress!"

The MAFS groom reveals his meltdown over "clingy" Alycia.

By NW team
Classic romantic Mat Lockett may not get his fairytale after all!
The lovable Married At First Sight groom, who hit it off with Alycia on his wedding day, tells NW he's struggling to ignore how incompatible he is with his wife, and the stress of making her happy has become so overwhelming, the weight has been falling off him.
"I was freaking out about the marriage – Alycia had her vows written for so long and I felt she was married to the experiment, not me," he says.
"I started feeling smothered and lost six kilos in ten days. I wasn't sleeping at all and my mind went into overdrive."
Mat says the cracks started appearing during their honeymoon on Fraser Island.
"I thought we could slowly create the relationship, but on the first night of the honeymoon Alycia was putting me on the phone to her mum and dad and best friend," he explains.
Mat says the stress of the experiment has taken its toll on him physically and mentally.
"I'm not good with clingy people at all and it was killing me."
Despite saying "Stay" at the first commitment ceremony, Mat hints that this could be the end of he and Alycia, revealing he'd been on the phone to his mum and sister every day to coach him through the relationship.
"They told me to give it a chance, and to finish it without giving it a real chance would be a real rejection of Alycia," he confesses.
So what is it that's got Matty so convinced that he and Alycia aren't a good match?
"Alycia doesn't drink, she doesn't raise her voice, she doesn't swear and she's scared of balloons... They're my four favourite things!" he says.
"I've been trying to explain to her we have nothing in common but it doesn't worry her at all."
"I'm not good with clingy people at all and it was killing me," he says of his TV bride Alycia.

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