Married At First Sight

Experts we have a MAFS-mergency! Davina Rankin and Dean Wells kick off their affair

Well... What does science have to say about this?

By Chloe Lal
Paging our resident relationship expert John Aiken!
Last night's episode of Married At First Sight has delivered our very first break-up AND the beginning of a brand-new affair.
It's been well documented that Davina Rankin and Dean Wells ditch their respective, scientifically-matched partners Ryan Gallagher and Tracey Jewel, for each other.
And now it's officially unfolding on our screens.
And we're not handling it well at all.
"In the outside world you would be the type of guy I go for 100 per cent!"
Despite it being "Yes Week" - where they have to say yes to whatever their partner tells them to do - Davina and Dean decided to meet up to explore their spark.
With Tracey and Ryan far from their thoughts, the giggling duo couldn't keep their hands off each other, all the while drinking and discussing their "amazing chemistry."
"In the outside world you would be the type of guy I go for 100 per cent if I saw you in a bar I would go up and talk to you," the busty bikini model confessed.
"Stop flattering me - actually don't stop," Dean quipped with Davina saying, "Don't stop rubbing my leg!"
Tonight, things are going to the next level.
Meanwhile, in a bar across the city Tracey Jewel was gushing to fellow bride Gabrielle Bartlett how good things were with Dean.
"I feel respected and we've had really good chats and honest communication which wasn't there before."
Sadly Dean's assessment wasn't as glowing.
"Between you and me it's a very, very long shot that anything serious is going to happen between me and Tracey. There's just not that spark there."
Moved, Davina said, "Oh my god, I want to kiss you so bad."
The brunette, 26, admitted she wanted to dress up for Dean, which "turned on" the New South Welshman.
"I would like to hang out with you more and get to know you more," Dean said.
"We haven't done anything wrong ... how about we don't tell anyone else about this until at least after the next commitment ceremony."
Agreeing, Davina said, "'My thoughts exactly."
Poor Tracey thinks they still have a chance...
Meanwhile, we were blasting Whitney Houston for heartbroken bride Alycia Galbraith.
The pretty blonde was officially dumped by her husband Mat Lockett, who said he needed to work on himself.
"This isn't going the way Alycia and I planned really, she is just the nicest woman in the world and I am the dirty plumber," he confided to the producers.
"I've got my issues that I need to deal with."
**Watch the whole thing unfold in the video below!
Sitting down with his wife, he said, "I've certainly been making your life hell I've got some issues I really need to deal with and sort out."
"I don't see the point in letting this go on, I think it is in everyone's best interest that we leave the experiment, because my heart is just not in this at all."
Devastated that her man wouldn't fight for her, Alycia said, "I've got nothing to say, sorry I'm just really hurt."
Mat remarked, "I apologise for hurting you - it's certainly not something I wanted to do."
"There is a guy out there for you there's a million, unfortunately it's just not me... I'm very sorry."
Heartbroken, she said, "I'm absolutely devastated things haven't worked out with Mat - I thought I would be here until the end with him."
"I'm heartbroken but there is nothing more I can do ... I hope that special guy is out there for me."
We're so sad for Mat and Alycia.