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Why Jessica Mauboy’s niece Saraya Mauboy-Hudson is ready to carry on her family’s legacy on The Voice

''We are really close.''
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Auditioning for The Voice is accompanied by various nerves, from the vulnerability of performing on national TV to trying to impress your idols.

For Saraya Mauboy-Hudson, the experience takes a tone of its own because she faces the pressure of performing in front of her beloved aunt and judge, Jessica Mauboy.

Following in the footsteps of a singer so revered by Australia is a feat not many would envy.

Saraya is ready to carry on the family legacy.

(Credit: Instagram)

However, Saraya is ready to take on her family’s iconic legacy.

This isn’t the first time a relative of a judge has entered the competition.

In 2020, Guy Sebastian’s brother Chris Sebastian went on to win the show.

So, while the 18-year-old has big shoes to fill, she isn’t marching onto uncharted territory.

Rather she’s paving the way for her own incredible journey with the wonderful opportunity of having her aunt watch over her.

The recent high school graduate has a lot to prove, but before she makes her mark, here is everything we know about the teen.

How does Saraya Mauboy-Hudson feel about performing for Jessica Mauboy?

In an interview with Perth Now, the young singer revealed she is close with Jess and that her aunt’s audition for Australian Idol in 2006 when she was just 16 inspires her.

“she has always been insanely talented.”

(Credit: Instagram)

“We are really close,” she told the publication. “I (have watched Jess’s Australian Idol audition), it was so incredible to watch, to see from where she started and where she is now, and knowing she has always been insanely talented.”

However, she also admits that while Jess is a source of inspiration, there is a lot of pressure that comes along with her accolades.

“It was something that I was also nervous to live up to,” she said.

Speaking with TV Week, she revealed that it was hard to keep her secret audition from Jess, but it was important for Saraya to arrive on The Voice stage without intense expectations.

“It was so hard to keep it from her,” she said. “I just didn’t want to have high expectations from anyone.”

Saraya looking glamorous at her high school graduation.

(Credit: Instagram)

Who is Saraya Mauboy-Hudson’s biggest inspiration?

During her interview with Perth Now, the Darwin teen adorably cited her mum, and Jess’ older sister, as her biggest inspiration.

“Everyone can sing, my mum (Jess’ older sister) is probably one of the biggest influences, I think on all of us, she was the big singer in the family, but everyone can sing,” she revealed.

Has Saraya Mauboy-Hudson released any music?

Saraya has yet to release any original records. However, she has an Instagram account called Rayacovers, which features cover videos of her favourite songs.

Saraya is a keen athlete as well as a talented singer.

(Credit: Instagram)

You can check out her amazing covers here.

Does Saraya Mauboy-Hudson have any other talents?

As per her Instagram, Saraya is a keen athlete and has competed in soccer and football.

Regardless of how her time on The Voice goes, it’s easy to see how Saraya will make her aunt Jess proud.

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