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Guy Sebastian warns The Voice frontrunner not to become like Jack Vidgen

The singer fears 14-year-old Jordan Anthony could retrace the AGT winner’s dark path.
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It’s no secret Australia’s Got Talent-winner-turned-Voice-contestant Jack Vidgen struggled in the years following his big victory.

And for The Voice coach Guy Sebastian, there was a lingering fear that one of this year’s talented young stars-in-the-making could be set to face the same tough times.

Jordan Anthony, who at just 14 years old is The Voice’s youngest ever competitor, pulled off an impressive rendition of The Greatest Show’s This Is Me on Tuesday night, leading Boy George to dub him this season’s likely winner.

But although Jordan was labelled as the one-to-watch thanks to his out-of-this-world talent, Guy seemed to be feeling a terrifying sense of déjà vu.

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Guy (right) is concerned Jordan (left) might end up like Jack Vidgen.

(Image: Channel Nine)

Jack Vidgen, who won AGT in 2011, is part of Team Guy, and throughout their mentoring sessions this week, the now 22-year-old spoke candidly about how tough it has been to deal with the Australian public continually commenting on his changing appearance.

“I think at first I questioned why people need to say something,” Jack told Guy during a one-on-one chat.

“They fell in love with me as that 14-year-old boy and they feel they need to hang on to that. I’m the same person, I’ve just grown. I wanna bring that with me.”

WATCH: During his blind audition Jack Vidgen admits he “hit rock bottom” after Australia’s Got Talent. Story continues after video…

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Jack spoke candidly about what it was like dealing with scrutiny from the Australian public.

(Image: Channel Nine)

And those words appeared to be weighing on Guy’s mind following Jordan’s performance as the Before I Go singer issued a stark warning.

“Your voice is just breathtaking. But the thing is, right, we just saw Jack and he was your age when he started and your voice is going to start to change and it’s going to go through all sorts of stuff,” Guy said.

“Probably for a long time, you’ve got a lot of people who are like heaping praise upon you so I just want to be the coach who says to you, whatever happens out of this, there’s no expectations, you’re never going to be a failure. “

Guy advised Jordan that it’s okay to take it slow when it comes to achieving his music career goals.

Could Jordan win The Voice this season?

(Image: Channel Nine)

“Take your time with this because winning a show like this doesn’t necessarily mean that suddenly you’re going to be on the charts,” Guy added.

“There’s a lot that goes into being an artist and I think this is going to take time for you to discover your voice and discover the artist that you’re going to be. I think what I would hate to see is you coming through this and then feeling like a failure because you’re not, you’re going to end up being where you’re supposed to be and I believe in you.”

And with Jack previously admitting he hit rock bottom after being crowned winner of similarly huge talent show, those words from Guy are probably some sage advice!

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