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The Voice contestant Jack Vidgen's astonishing before and after transformation will honestly have you SHOOK

He's now 21 and all grown up!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Most of us would rather any visual documentation of our time as teenagers be destroyed, or at least kept hidden away for our eyes only, but former child star Jack Vidgen has lived out most of his vulnerable teenage years in full view of public scrutiny.
At age 14, Jack won the 2011 season of Australia's Got Talent, his stunning voice taking him all the way through the competition and landing him the coveted title.
His career immediately exploded and he was invited to sing all around the world, earning thousands of dollars and building a huge public profile.
But suddenly, it all fell apart. He quit music and stepped away from the industry for several years, finishing school and living a normal life with his friends and family in Sydney.
Now, the 21-year-old is back on our TV screens in the brand new "All Stars" season of The Voice, which kicks off this Sunday May 18.
Channel Nine is calling Jack's "unmissable" return "the biggest surprise comeback of the year", but getting to this point hasn't been easy.
"I just fell out of love with music, I quit completely," Jack reveals in a juicy new promo for the show.
"I just felt alone and at rock bottom. I haven't been on a stage in over 5 years.
A baby-faced Jack Vidgen pictured in 2011. (Image: Getty)
Jack's incredible voice eventually helped him win the 2011 season of Australia's Got Talent. (Image: Getty)
But if you've been following Jack on Instagram or Twitter for the past few years (seriously, you should be - his selfie game is strong) you'll notice that he now looks completely different to the little teenager we met eight years ago.
Jack is now all grown up, with a killer tan, a trendy blonde haircut and noticeably full lips - Jack himself once described them as "thiccc lips" on Instagram - that bear the unmistakable pout that can only be attributed to lip filler.
We've done a massive stalk of Jack's socials - scroll down to see his amazing transformation for yourself.
(Image: @JackVidgen/Instagram)
(Image: @JackVidgen/Instagram)
(Image: @JackVidgen/Instagram)
(Image: @JackVidgen/Twitter)
(Image: @JackVidgen/Twitter)
(Image: @JackVidgen/Twitter)
When contacted by Now To Love, Jack refused to comment on the surgery rumours, which are frequently raised by his social media followers.
"Please....I'm all for lip fillers 🙌 and yours look great. Just own it and be real to everyone," one fan wrote on Instagram.
But Jack has repeatedly struck down the rumours. After fans asked in 2017 if he'd had work done, Jack tweeted: "OMG have people heard of a thing called puberty?"
And even his own mother jumped to his defence, writing on Facebook this week: "Jack has never had even one cosmetic surgery procedure.. he has gone from a little boy to a man.. his looks changed because he grew up!"
WATCH BELOW: Jack Vidgen on The Circle in 2012. Story continues after video.
This year's season of The Voice has a brand new "All Stars" format, with some of the show's previous contestants, including Prinnie Stevens and Lee Harding, returning to try their luck again.
They'll join judges Guy Sebastian, Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland and Boy George for the show's premiere on Sunday night.

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