The Voice

Jack Vidgen's confronting confession about his darkest days after winning AGT

“It’s kind of scary to be alone and at rock bottom”

By Erin Doyle
It was the Blind Audition The Voice fans were waiting with bated breath to see.
And when former Australia's Got Talent winner Jack Vidgen stepped on to stage, he proved he still had the singing skills to have the audience enthralled.
But the confession Jack made after Kelly Rowland asked him why he hadn't sung in five years that really made people's jaws drop.
Jack who won AGT at just 14, revealed he had gone through a tough time after the show and trying to make it on his own in America at 16.
"Winning Australia's Got Talent, any 14-year-old would want that, it was crazy but I just don't think I knew the effect that it was having at the time," he said.
Jack admitted he "didn't know the effect" that winning AGT would have on him as a 14-year-old. (Image: Channel Nine)
The coaches and audience were visibly shocked at Jack's admission, with audible gasps heard.
"I got exposed to a lot of things that I don't think it's that great to be exposed to," Jack continued.
"It's kind of scary to be alone and at rock bottom. I think it was kind of a snowball effect for me. It was me as well believing all the negative things people started to say about me."
Kelly Rowland (pictured) was visibly shocked at Jack's story. (Image Channel Nine)
Now openly gay, Jack said having people question his sexuality at a time when he was still figuring it out for himself was also difficult to handle.
"I remember doing an interview and the interviewer asked me if I had a girlfriend or a boyfriend," he recalled.
"I was like, oh my God, does someone know something? It was so weird to be asked that and not knowing how to answer.
"I was going through puberty in front of the whole country but when you're trying to work out whether you're gay or not, that's not the easiest thing to do. That stuff does get to you. I was just empty. It was really scary."
But despite his life threatening to go off the rails, Jack said being back on stage was the best thing he'd done in five years – and he managed to turn all four chairs.
After Guy Sebastian declared he "won't BS" him, Jack picked the former Australian Idol star as his mentor.
"I don't want to make you silly promises, I just want to make you love music again," Guy told him.
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Guy Sebastian begged Jack to be on his team and said he wanted to help him fall in love with music again. (Image: Channel Nine)