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The unexpected reasons why The Voice’s Janaki Easwar is Australia’s coolest 12-year-old

''I don’t think you have any idea how good you actually are.''
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The Voice 2021’s youngest contestant Janaki Easwar has such a deep, full and captivating singing voice that you would never know it belongs to a 12-year-old.

The show’s judges were equally shocked to discover a young girl performing for them when all four turned to see who the powerhouse voice belonged to.

Rita Ora was in awe of Janaki, but she expressed some nerves about her age.

Janaki chose to join Jess’ team.

(Credit: Instagram)

“One half of me is like, oh she is super super duper young and there is always something a little tricky there because it is always so sensitive,” said Rita.

However, she also praised the pint-sized star-to-be for having a talent she wasn’t even aware of yet.

“I don’t think you have any idea how good you actually are,” she said.

With her parents support the Melbournian candidly expressed her nerves about performing.

“A lot of other artists are twice my age, three times my age, sometimes even four times my age,” she said. “It’s scary thinking I’m the youngest here.”

However, butterflies aside, it’s clear that by chasing a dream so young that Janaki knows what she’s doing.

She’s also got some talents outside of singing, solidifying the student as the country’s coolest 12-year-old.

“It’s scary thinking I’m the youngest here.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Does Janaki have a Spotify account?

The 2000s baby knows how to use her resources to build the foundations of a potentially long-lasting career.

Even before auditioning for the show, she created a Spotify account in her name, and it already has a few songs uploaded onto it.

Her latest single is called Clown, and Janaki wrote and performed the song herself, the track navigating the important topic of mental health.

One lyric she sings is, “I am so use to saying that I am okay,” followed by, “I am so use to painting on a smile, that I don’t know what happiness is truly like.”

The song’s tone is similar to Billie Eilish, who is likely an idol of the 12-year-old because she performed the artists’ song Lovely on The Voice, and she has uploaded a cover of Ocean Eyes to her Spotify.

In 2020, she released her first single called Autumn Leaves, which was written by Eva Cassidy.

Her small account already reaches 9,327 monthly listeners, and that number is likely to rise after her time on The Voice.

Does Janaki have any other talents?

As is common with singers, Janaki can play the guitar, but she also has a keen interest in hip hop dance, and she likes to upload videos of herself dancing onto Instagram.

Guy Sebastian also brought her skills in traditional Indian hymns to light by asking her to perform for the judges.

After the beautiful moment, she chose Jessica Mauboy to be her mentor, who had an emotional reaction to her hymn.

Why was Janaki’s audition so unique?

She’s not just the youngest contestant on The Voice but also the first member of the Indian community on the show.

Speaking with the Herald Sun, she revealed what it means to her to have the support of her community.

“I was born here,” she said. “I don’t have any family here, so my parents’ friends are my family. Music and dance is always a part of all our celebrations.

“I believe I am the first person from the Indian community to go on The Voice Australia. The support from the (Indian) community is huge.”

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