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The incredible journey that paved the way for The Voice’s Chantel Cofie’s monumental performance that saw Keith Urban block Rita Ora

''I feel like I grew up so quickly, and individual factors forced me to mature a lot faster.''
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Chantel Cofie made a huge impact on The Voice when her incredible performance caused a feud to erupt between Rita Ora and Keith Urban.

Keith decided to block Rita from being able to pitch Chantel to come onto her team, and the British singer was far from impressed.

“I’m pi—d,” she exclaimed. “In the words of Boy George last season, you’re dead to me.”

In demand: Chantel’s audition caused a ruckus amongst the judges.

(Credit: Instagram)

After Rita adequately berated nice guy Keith and settled down, she gave Chantel some high praise.

“Listen, I am angry, but that doesn’t dispute that that was one of the best auditions I’ve ever seen,” she said.

In the end, Guy Sebastian came through the kerfuffle to snag the 23-year-old onto his team.

The highly sought after singer has already set the foundations of a marvellous career, but first we investigate her long journey to The Voice stage.

The Sydneysider is more than a singer, she’s also a songwriter, musician, and actress, who is known for her soulful voice and love of R&B.

How did Chantel Cofie realise she loves to sing?

In an interview with Hustle Mamma Magazine, she spoke about how music was a huge part of her family and childhood.

However, she also talked about how certain events required her to grow up faster which took away from her younger years.

“Music was always a huge part of my childhood.”

(Credit: Instagram)

“Music was always a huge part of my childhood. I was always in the school assembly performances, plays, and musicals. I grew up with my brother and later, my two younger sisters from my dad’s side,” she told the publication.

“It’s funny, though; a lot of the time, I feel like I grew up so quickly, and individual factors forced me to mature a lot faster. Looking back, I wish I enjoyed certain childhood moments a little more.”

As for when she knew that singing was the vocation she wanted to pursue – it was an inevitable progression.

“It’s not something I physically thought about, like ‘this is what I want to do from now on,’ it was just a given. I was always singing. It’s not something that I knew from a specific age – it’s almost like it was embedded in me from birth,” she explained.

How did Chantel Cofie find success through singing?

Unsurprisingly, at age 15 Chantel received a scholarship to attend The McDonald College, which is a prestigious academic and performing arts school in Sydney, as reported by Hustle Mama Magazine.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison sent Chantel this letter to celebrate her song 2020.

(Credit: Instagram)

Then in 2016, she took a change by performing at the highly respected Premier Program in Orlando, Florida.

She took out the competition by winning top vocalist, and most outstanding performer.

In 2017, she extended her long list of accolades by nabbing first place on MEGASTAR, the first global competition app.

Chantel has also worked as a performer and in 2019 she spent a week singing on P&O Cruises Australia.

Has Chantel Cofie released music?

Yes! In July 2020 she uploaded her first song onto Spotify.

She even performed the song called 2020 on The Voice, and the powerful track is about the important issues surrounding George Floyd’s death and the Black Lives Matter movement.

To commemorate her efforts, Prime Minister Scott Morrison sent the singer a letter to congratulate her on the song.

Chantel during her time on the Disney Channel Australian and New Zealand.

(Credit: Instagram)

“Our Australian Prime Minister @scottmorrisonmp saw my “2020” Music Video and WROTE ME A PERSONAL LETTER 😭😭 IM CRYING. Thank you so much for taking the time to address the issues I sing about,” she wrote via Instagram at the time.

“I can only imagine how many emails, calls and letters you get every day so I appreciate you taking the time to watch my message and write to me! 😭❤️✊🏾.”

In 2019, she was featured on a song by RayStylie called everythinG, which marked her first Spotify upload.

She excitedly captioned her Instagram post celebrating the milestone with the caption, “SOUND ON! 🎶 Excited to have featured on @raystylie’s single “everythinG” off his EP! Had fun with this track 😌 Available on all platforms 🙏🏽.”

Has Chantel Cofie starred on the Disney Channel?

Perhaps one of the biggest titles on her resume until The Voice, Chantel has been featured in 1000 episodes on Disney Channel Australia and New Zealand.

She has performed on the shows The Smart Cookie and BF Chefs.

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