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EXCLUSIVE: Why Halimah Kyrgios isn’t worried about famous brother Nick Kyrgios showing her up on The Voice

“I don’t think there’s pressure to live up to our last name.”
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Her younger brother Nick made his name on the tennis court, but now 31-year-old Halimah is hoping to score some “love” of her own on The Voice stage!

Growing up in Canberra, Nick was her go-to backup singer for their family performances.

“Nick used to sit up in my room and video himself lip-syncing to whatever song I was practising,” she says.

Halimah says she’s not worried about living up to the family name.

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“To this day, Nick really does his best to see me perform.”

Encouraged by her family, Halimah followed her passion of performing into musical theatre, which has taken her all around the world.

And although her well-known surname may carry some expectation, Halimah isn’t worried about having to forge her own path.

“I don’t think there’s any pressure to live up to our last name,” she says.

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“On stage, I’m the Kyrgios who’s known for hitting the marks, belting those notes and putting on a performance.

“If I was stepping on a tennis court – well, that might be a different story!”

And while Nick may not be able to make it to many of her performances, he’s still her No. 1 fan.

Does this mean Nick will be appearing on The Voice to support his sister? Only time will tell.

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“One of my best memories was performing in Japan in 2015 at Universal Studios.

“The opening music started to play and to my surprise… there was Nick in the front row!” Halimah shares.

“I had the biggest smile on my face for the rest of the show.”

See her on The Voice from August 8 at 7pm on Channel 7.

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