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EXCLUSIVE: How The Voice contestant Sofia Watt used her voice to rebuild her small town after it was devastated by the 2019 bushfires

''I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.''
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Sofia Watt is no stranger to performing in front of crowds with her band, but the WA teenager is now stepping into the spotlight alone as she takes on the biggest performance of her life – her audition for The Voice!

Sunday night’s performance will be the 16-year-old’s first time on stage without her band Sonatay. And while Sofia admits she’s never been more nervous in her life, she’s not afraid of the challenge.

“I decided to audition solo because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it,” Sofia tells Woman’s Day.

“I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.”

(Credit: Instagram)

“I wanted to show even coming from a small town, you can do anything.”

She may be from the quiet but charming coastal town of Dunsborough, but Sofia’s voice has already made a huge impact on her community.

Devastated by the destruction of the bushfires in 2019, at just 14, Sofia rallied local bands and organised a charity concert to raise much-needed funds.

“I believe you should always be supporting your community and people in need,” shares Sofia, who sang crowd favourites by Missy Higgins and The White Stripes to lift spirits.

Sofia performing with her band.

“And if it means that I get to perform, to be up on stage making people happy… then that’s even better.”

Growing up surrounded by music, Sofia credits her mother Bronwyn, also a talented singer, for giving her the confidence to perform.

“Mum is always the one that I look to when I’m on stage for reassurance,” she says.

“My parents’ support means the absolute world, I just want to make my family proud.”

But will the judges turn for her?

(Credit: Instagram)

Tuning in to every season of The Voice, Sofia confesses she can’t wait to walk in the footsteps of her favourite past artists.

And one day, she dreams of touring the world just like her musical idols, Adele and Ruel.

“To be up on stage and have the crowd singing my songs back… It would be a dream come true,” she says.

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