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The Voice Australia 2021: Who will win?

The top four sound off ahead of the highly-anticipated finale
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It’s already been a life-changing competition for every one of the talented contestants on The Voice Australia. But now, we’re down to the wire with the final four; Bella Taylor Smith, Mick Harrington, Arlo Sim and girl group G-Nat!on.

They spoke to TV WEEK about their journey on The Voice and why they want to win.

Bella Taylor Smith: ‘I’m so proud of my dad’

Bella channels plenty of emotion when she sings

When Bella Taylor Smith steps onto the stage on The Voice Australia, her show-stopping performances are filled with emotion and heart.

But while she’s comfortable being vulnerable on stage, she admits that opening up to coach Guy Sebastian about her rocky family life, and her father’s addiction issues, was difficult.

“Sharing any part of your personal life can be nerve-racking and feel really exposing,” Bella, 23, tells

TV WEEK, adding that she felt comforted knowing that so many people are going through the same struggles.

After sharing her story with Guy, she felt like he chose the perfect songs to capture her experience.

“They all reflect a part of my heart,” she says.

“When you can connect to a song and what it’s saying, that’s what’s important.”

Approaching the end of the competition, Bella is happy to report that her dad is still clean and ready for a fresh start.

“I’m so thrilled,” she says. “I’m over the moon that he’s safe and doing everything he can to be well.”

“It’s so lovely to be able to share what I’m passionate about with him, and he can chase what he’s passionate about as well.”

Mick Harrington: ‘Anyone can make their dreams come true’

Mick has his own mowing business but on stage he’s a cut above.

Mick Harrington didn’t think he’d turn a single chair during his blind audition. So when his coach, Jessica Mauboy, revealed he’d made it to the finals, he couldn’t believe it.

“It was absolutely surreal,” Mick, 32, tells TV WEEK.

For the finals, Mick and Jessica chose the song “How Do I Live” by LeAnn Rimes. It proved a pertinent selection.

“It’s about my family and how everything I do is for them, to give them a great life,” Mick explains.

“To have the privilege to sing that song to my beautiful fiancée Bec and my two girls will forever be etched in my mind.”

Now, Mick is hoping that he’ll be Australia’s pick when it comes to crowning a winner.

“I want to show people that anyone, even from very humble beginnings, can make their dreams come true,” he says.

Arlo Sim: ‘I had to break down my walls’

Teenager Arlo has grown his confidence – and fan base.

Ever since Arlo Sim was 11 years old, he dreamed of being a performer. At school, he honed his craft by performing and writing – and went on to study jazz performance at university.

But while he’d prepared for a moment like The Voice for a long time, a part of the 19-year-old felt like he wasn’t ready.

Working closely with his coach, Keith Urban, Arlo was forced to confront his insecurities.

“Keith is such an authentic and gentle person,” he tells TV WEEK.

“He’s helped me overcome certain walls, not only in my personal life, but in my musical life. Keith broke them all down, helping me find ways to combat anxiety and

a lack of confidence in my abilities.”

After several spine-tingling performances, fans started to follow and message Arlo on social media. As he’s been stuck in Sydney’s lockdown, the kind words have been a blessing, albeit a shock.

“For the first couple of days after the show aired, I had to shut everything off and sit and write [back] for three hours,” he says. “I love it, but it’s a lot to process.”

G-Nat!on: ‘Rita is an honorary member of G-Nat!on’

Singing-and-dancing G-Na!on hope to hit it for six.

The moment G-Nat!on made it through to the final round, they knew they had their work cut out for them.

“The hardest part about preparing for the finals was rehearsing for two high-energy numbers in less than a week,” group member Emma, 18, tells TV WEEK.

“Both songs were so different, and each presented their own challenging harmonies, solos and choreography. It was a challenging experience, but it made it even more exciting.”

Hard work it may have been, but they’ll never forget performing with coach Rita Ora. “We had a few fan-girl moments!” Emma says of being on stage with the pop star.

Although they’re nearing the end of their journey on The Voice, the six girls hope Australia will give them their vote for the crown.

“A vote for G-Nat!on is a vote to bring girl bands back onto the music scene,” Emma says.

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