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Are The Proposal stars Lisa and Blake still together?

It's the question we all want the answer to!
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The Proposal introduced viewers to 31-year-old hairdresser Lisa on Tuesday night, with the bisexual contestant revealing she was looking for love after coming out to her family.

Looking for a “humble, caring and compassionate” partner, Lisa had eight eligible singles to choose from, with four men and four women in the mix.

She whittled down the group to a final two of 25-year-old Blake, and 30-year-old make-up-artist and single mother Rhiannon.

When Lisa finally revealed herself to Blake and Rhiannon, the pair both seemed lost for words. After receiving two very romantic proposals, Lisa decided to accept the one from Blake.

“There’s something that really draws me to you, that’s why you’re here,” Lisa said. “I would like to accept the proposal from Blake.”

The betrothed couple celebrate with a kiss!

Fairy-tale ending, right? Wrong.

So far the series has had one huge success, with its first couple Jess and Nathan. They’re still together five months later, and are engaged for real! Jess and Nathan’s lasting romance was celebrated on The Proposal’s Instagram account the night their episode aired, and they received a special interview slot on Sunrise the following morning to reveal their relationship status.

Last week, Gary and Mika’s proposal photo wasn’t shared on the show’s Instagram account. Shortly after the episode aired, Mika confirmed they had split. Similarly, this week, a ‘couple shot’ of Lisa and Blake has also been left off the Instagram account, which hinted to a break-up for the duo. Then, Lisa took to Instagram to reveal what had happened after they filmed the show.

She says they spent “an extra couple of days together” following filming, and says Blake visited Adelaide, where they spent “some lovely time together.” Unfortunately, Lisa confirms “it hasn’t worked out between us.”

However, Lisa and Blake still follow each other on Instagram and she’s promised her followers that they are still in contact and are good friends!

It seems we’re looking a 30% success rate for the couples but, on the bright side, host Luke Jacobz did tell TV WEEK that the series’ has seen several successful matches.

“Sparks flew!” Luke says of the series. “After the third day of filming, I rang my fiancée and said, ‘This is working!’ It was a shock for everyone. I feel I’ll be going to one or two weddings soon.”

Looks like some happier results are set to come our way as The Proposal continues.

The Proposal airs Tuesday, 8:30pm, on Channel Seven.

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