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Are The Proposal stars Gary and Mika still together?

They fell head over heels on national TV, but where are they now?
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It’s the reality series that sees suitors and suitresses engaged within the hour, and The Proposal’s unique format has quickly won over fans.

Last night, the show introduced viewers to Gary, a 34-year-old army veteran and marriage celebrant from Grafton.

With his mum, Sharon, watching on in the audience, Gary admitted the reality TV series is the “craziest” thing he’s ever done.

“When I ask somebody to marry me, I want it to come from my heart and it to be the one and only time I ever ask anybody,” Gary told TV WEEK.

The single dad said he was also looking for someone who could get along with his two-year-old daughter Audrey.

“I’m looking for a partner who would be able to build a relationship with Audrey,” he said. “Not as her mother, but I’d love to have her to have a big best friend.”

Gary was looking for the one.

On Tuesday night, it appeared that perfect woman for Gary was 27-year-old Mika. Of course, after the success story of Jess and Nathan from last week’s premiere, fans are keen to know how Gary and Mika’s romance has progressed since the show wrapped.

Our first clue that the duo split comes from The Proposal’s official Instagram account. Last Tuesday night, the show shared a photo of Nathan and Jess at the end of the episode. Then, the following morning, they posted a picture of the happy couple confirming they are still together.

But, last night, there were absolutely no photos of Gary and Mika together on the official account and there STILL hasn’t been any confirmation.

Fans quickly fell for Gary and Mika!

Our next clue came from the “bride-to-be” herself. Taking to Instagram on Wednesday morning, Mika seemingly hinted that the romance was over for the pair.

She shared a meme poking fun at her experience, which read: “Give yourself some credit. You might not be exactly where you want to be in life right now – but, goddamnit, at least you’re not on a reality TV show as one of a dozen losers all wasting your time trying to date the same individual.”

Mika simply captioned the meme “oops.”

Does this meme spell trouble for Gary and Mika?

Mika later confirmed she had split from Gary in May, responding to a fan in her comments she wrote: “just because we aren’t together, doesn’t make a memory any less sacred.”

We’re sad to hear Mika and Gary’s relationship didn’t last! Though, next week could see a happier result when we meet Lisa.

The 31-year-old is looking for love after recently coming out to her parents as bisexual. According to host Luke Jacobz, Lisa will have four men and four women in her line up of potential partners. Here’s hoping she finds her perfect match!

The Proposal airs Tuesday, 8:30pm, on Channel Seven.

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