The Proposal’s first match Jess and Nathan are STILL a couple five months later

After just one episode, the reality series is boasting a 100% success rate...

Channel Seven's new reality romance offering, The Proposal, aired to some scepticism on Tuesday night, though the series has quickly proven the critics wrong with its first match!
The series, hosted by Luke Jacobz, sees one suitor or suitress tucked away in a "commitment ring" that shields them from eight possible matches. They ask a series of questions in a bid to find "the one."
Tuesday night's premiere introduced us to 34-year-old single mother Jess, who just wanted "to find a really down-to-earth Aussie guy."
After one hour of chatting to a bunch of single men, Jess chose to accept a 'proposal' from Nathan. Five months later, the duo have revealed they are still together!
Jess had a successful turn on The Proposal.
Jess confirmed to Sunrise hosts David Koch and Sam Armytage this morning that she is still in a relationship with 40-year-old paramedic Nathan. Revealing the pair are engaged for real, Jess said they were very happy.
"When they first told me about this show I thought 'what a crock! You can't fall in love in half an hour'," Sunrise host Kochie declared. "But you two have proved me wrong! That's wonderful."
"Look it does seem very surreal," Jess admitted. "The whole thing was absolutely crazy but I think we've both agreed that it was the best decision we've ever made. We're so happy we did it."
Jess and Nathan are still going strong.
Host Luke previously hinted at the show's success, telling TV WEEK "sparks flew" on set.
"After the third day of filming, I rang my fiancée and said, 'This is working!' It was a shock for everyone," Luke said. "I feel I'll be going to one or two weddings soon."
We can't wait to see what happens next!
The Proposal airs Tuesday, 8:30pm, on Channel Seven.

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