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“I was overwhelmed!” The Block sisters Eliza and Liberty struggle with self-doubt

Cracks are starting to show in House 5 on The Block.
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This week Liberty breaks down in tears after struggling with her styling. With her confidence in tatters, her and sister Eliza are grappling with how to keep up with the intensity of The Block.

Will it all become too much, and push the girls to walk away?

“You’re in this pressure cooker that is all consuming and it got to a point where I couldn’t even pick a bedside table,” Liberty, 34, tells TV WEEK. “I was so overwhelmed, and I got in the car and called my mum crying and had a breakdown.”

“I was genuinely worried that they (production) might tap us on the shoulder and say, ‘Hey, thanks but we’re not quite sure you belong in this situation,'” Eliza, 36, says. “We were thinking crazy things like that.”

Sisters Eliza and Liberty are struggling with self-doubt and a lack of experience.

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On top of their struggles with self-doubt, the Blockheads felt like the most inexperienced team on site which only furthered their spiralling.

“We came into this with absolutely zero experience,” Liberty says. “I’m not an interior designer or super creative, so I tried my best, but it was so hard.”

“It’s difficult when at the end of the day your builders go home but Ash being a builder means he and Leah have one on site 24/7, so if something goes wrong someone is there to solve the problem” Eliza shares. “Steph is an architect; Brett was a tiler. We just felt at the bottom of the food chain.”

It doesn’t get easier for the girls as they face more obstacles over the coming week. Eliza finds herself sick, they have a miscommunication with their builders, and are tested by the elements when Tropical Cyclone Isla brings heavy rainfall to Melbourne.

Miscommunication dogs the siblings but that’s not all.

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“Everyone was stressing about the damage that could be done,” Liberty reveals. “Obviously we wanted to finish our room but at the end of the day, if it’s a situation that cannot physically be resolved and we’ve done everything in our power to try, we were happy.”

Will the Melbourne based sisters be able to weather the storm?

Outside of wild weather conditions, there are other issues brewing between some of the contestants.

Tension is brewing between Leah and Steph.

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After a rough start for Steph and Gian, they appear to be managing themselves much better, which doesn’t please everyone on site. “We were really happy to see Steph get her confidence back but for those who were a bit more competitive they were rattled,” Eliza exclaims.

“It’s a big thing to be able to get yourself out of the lowest of lows and maybe some of the other couples were intimidated because they weren’t expecting it. “It was very much like ‘Steph and Gian have entered the competition’, and not everyone liked that.”

Tasked with building a ‘work from home space’ this week, will Eliza and Liberty be able to overcome their insecurities in time for tools down?

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