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Fans have already picked their favourite to win The Block 2023

Do you see this duo going all the way in the competition?
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The Grand Finale for The Block 2023 is mere weeks away and fans are starting to predict who they believe will be crowned the winner.

Season 19 of the renovation series, featuring Shelley Craft and Scotty Cam, has been packed with drama, from cheating scandals, dramatic body corporate meetings, conspiracy theories and all-around feuding.

Who will win The Block 2023?

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As entertaining as this is, the five teams are all working to the bone renovating their home for one purpose – to win The Block.

As the finale draws near, fans have taken to popular betting website, SportsBet to place their bets on who they think will win and it has been proved correct in the past.

Steph and Gian have been ranked most likely to win with odds of 1.75. A sentiment which judges Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer also agree with.

“I would be shocked if House 4 does not win. The quality, the sense of calm and architectural attention to detail shows Steph and Gian have created the ultimate luxury and it truly makes it one of the best houses on The Block,” Shaynna told TV Blackbox.

Darren agreed, noting viewers can assume “House 4 will sell for more” if it were judged by “dollars per square metre.” However, he was cautious the reserve cost could change everything.

Steph and Gian are predicted to win The Block 2023.

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Throughout the competition, the married couple won various challenges and could afford to splash their extra cash, something the other budget-conscious contestants haven’t been capable of doing.

Racing into second place is Kyle and Leslie with odds of 5.00. A week before the Grand Finale episode had aired, it was revealed House 1 by Kyle and Leslie was the property with the most public interest. The home with the most listing views would be put on the cover of Domain Magazine, with the editor Alice confessing their home had nearly “50 per cent more listing views than their closest rival.”

Tied for third place is Eliza and Liberty, and Kristy and Brett with odds of 6.00. The sisters are certainly season 19’s underdogs after being placed last in the beginning of the season.

Meanwhile, Kristy and Brett have been debunked from their initial first-place ranking, however, an insider previously informed Yahoo Lifestyle the couple are still likely to win the contest.

WATCH: Meet Kirsty and Brett from The Block 2023. Article continues after the video.

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“Insiders are tipping House 3 will make the most money and that is not going to go down well with viewers who have savaged Kristy and Brett’s behaviour throughout the series,” they said.

The top three contestants are followed by Leah and Ash at 7.00.

As we draw closer and closer to The Block Grand Finale, the ranking will undoubtedly change. Watch this space for more updates.

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