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He's a real estate winner!
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The 2022 season of The Block: Tree Change had its fair share of headlines, one of the biggest being that long time host Scotty Cam would renovate his own property start-to-finish alongside the contestants.

A year after the auction hammer dropped on the Block homes, Scotty’s house, affectionally dubbed ‘Camelot’ is yet to be sold. However, his housing portfolio has boosted after selling another property.

Scotty Cam picked up the tools on this season of The Block.

(IMAGE: Nine Network)

The Gisborne, Victoria is an original 1866 weatherboard homestead built by Joseph McGeorge, the downright dilapidated home was the only dwelling on the 70 acre property when the Nine Network purchased the land in early 2022.

”I love historic homes and I love country homes and bringing them back to their former glory, so I enjoyed it,” said Scotty of his experience renovating alongside the contestants this season.

Speaking to Domain, Scotty said that as soon as he heard this years production site featured a pre-existing historical homestead, he was keen to give it a makeover.

”I did the designing and the overseeing the project management and some of the work,” he said. ”We ended up with a fantastic home and restored the original cottage back to its former glory, plus a modern extension out the back with a country feel.”

”So, it was an absolute ripper.”

Scotty’s kitchen was styled as if already loved by a family, with plenty of cookbooks, plates, serving platters and home decor.

(IMAGE: Nine Network)

Speaking on his double duty as host of The Block, Scotty has admitted that it proved tough, even for an experienced pro like him.

”I was doing 13 hour days and it was pretty exhausting, and I only had about 10 days off in three months. So it was tough at my age too – I’m too old for that. The hosting duties are quite extensive, so I was taken away from the build, but I had a great team behind me”.

The Gisborne home is on the market with a price guide of $4.1 to $4.3 million.

Former contestants and experienced tradies Spence (left) and Duncan (right) helped Scotty with the build.

(IMAGE: Nine Network)

Meanwhile, his NSW farmhouse located in Barigan near Mudgee sold for $3.1 million – an impressive $1.75 million profit after purchasing the land in 2016 for $1.35 million according to

The farmhouse features four bedrooms, two bathrooms with a built-in pool, large kitchen, and a fireplace in the lounge room. Naturally, as a farmhouse, it also has a mud room and steel cattle yards and sheds.

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