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Scott Cam reveals truth about “his house” on The Block

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The Block host Scott Cam has revealed the truth about the house that he has built on The Block this season, admitting he wants to ”clear the air”.

For those unaware, the host has been building his own house, working double duty to host the show and fit out his own country property alongside a team of hard working tradies on the same Gisborne estate as the other contestants’ houses.

Audiences have shared their confusion online as to the reasoning behind his own renovation, but in a recent discussion with fellow Block presenter Shelley Craft on the official show podcast, Scott wanted to make it very clear that the house was ”not his to keep”.

The Block home that Scott built, but doesn’t own?

(Credit: Nine Network)

”Something I need to point out – which my wife has asked me to point out – is that we don’t own that house. That is not our house,” he said.

”Everybody is saying to my wife, ‘Are you going to move there? When are you going to sell it?’

We have to explain to everyone that it belongs to the network – I just built it as my house.”

According to Scott, while he would “love to live there”, his family would not be relocating from Sydney.

“I built it for some other lucky family to live in,” Scott continued.

The luxury abode would surely sell for a high price if it went to auction.

(Credit: Nine Network)

Confusingly, it has been confirmed that Scott’s network-owned house will not go to auction alongside the other houses from this season, and despite being finished, is not even on the market at all.

One thing is for sure, Scott does not seem to care what viewers think of his newly decorated abode.

”People would have been thinking they didn’t like or they liked my place, and that’s fine. I’m not getting judged, we’re not selling at auction,” he said.

We can’t wait to see what happens with this one!

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