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The Block’s Scotty has cut off Ankur and Sharon after shocking debt

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The Block contestants Sharon and Ankur have been cut off after over-spending their budget by what host Scotty Cam labelled an “insane” amount of money.

This hurdle comes just days after a dedicated fan of the reality television show revealed the couple was almost $100,000 over budget despite blaming “lazy” builders for their house woes.

The couple are currently in last place on The Block leader board, consistently pulling in lower scores than the other teams for their renos.

Sharon and Ankur have blamed their builders, calling them “lazy idiots” and claiming they haven’t been working hard enough, but the builders hit back online and said the couple’s debt was the real problem.

Sharon and Ankur are in an insane amount of debt according to fans.

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Although the fan missed the mark on how much the couple overspent, Sharon and Ankur was confirmed to have overspent by $53,000.

As a result, Scotty locked down their accounts and cancelled their credit cards.

“You guys have an encyclopaedia of unpaid bills,” Scotty said to the couple. “You’re spending money as if you think Channel 9 is going to give you some more money.”

Ankur admitted he was aware they were massively overbudget, but he continued to lay the blame on “trades”.

“What do you mean you know? How can you keep spending? I don’t understand where you think you’re going to pay for it, we’ve got three weeks to go,” Scotty questioned.

“Sharon, just listen to what I’m saying,” he said brusquely. “I haven’t done this since the Oslo, I’m cutting you guys off. You’re gone.”

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According to Reddit user cintropy’s calculations, the pair have spent over $295,000 on their country house so far, putting them more than $81,000 over budget.

They had been keeping track of all the teams’ spending since week one and posted a spreadsheet that showed Sharon and Ankur are in the most debt by almost $30,000.

The fan also revealed Omar and Oz are also in the red, having spent more than $52,000 over their budget, while Ryan and Rachel are $14,000 over and Dylan and Jenny are just $6,500 over.

Tom and Sarah-Jane are the only couple who have managed to save money and are currently sitting at $36,000 under budget.

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But that may be because they’ve won so many challenges, putting plenty of extra coin in their bank accounts to spend at the pointy end of the competition.

Fellow fans of The Block weren’t surprised to see the dire state of Ankur and Sharon’s spending, though several noted that the pair should be better with money given he’s an accountant.

“He’s an accountant and can’t manage a budget? I get it isn’t 100 per cent transferable skillset especially with no reno experience,” one commented.

“Serious question: how do you come back from – $81k in the red with 4 weeks left to go?! How did the show let them blow the budget in the latest week knowing the position they are in?” questioned another.

Fans think the couple may not be able to come back from their staggering debt.

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They also speculated that the team’s builders may have been frustrated with their spending, as it could go on to impact getting paid for the job.

One user wrote: “I also wonder whether Liam and the Chippy were off most of the week because they are running out of money to pay them.”

Though some fans have said there’s “no way” Ankur and Sharon will be able to finish their house to The Block’s standards with such a massive debt, others think the pair will be bailed out at the last minute.

“Channel Nine make their money back at auction so they need perfectly finished properties,” one said.

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