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Sharon and Ankur explode over “lazy idiot builders” on The Block, but one just exposed the truth about the feud

The Block builders have clapped back.
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The Block promised to be bigger than ever in 2022 and it looks like they weren’t just talking about the renos.

Sharon Johal exploded on the phone in Tuesday night’s episode as she lashed the “idiot” builders she and husband Ankur Dogra have been clashing with all season.

Claiming her husband had dropped a whopping 11 kilos in just a few weeks on the competition, Sharon pointed the finger at the builders and their lackluster work ethic.

“Then we’ve got these builders who are f–king idiots,” she complained to a friend over the phone, Ankur chiming in, “They’re a—-holes.”

Sharon and Ankur exploded over their “lazy” builders.

(Image: Seven)

“Basically, they’re lazy, they don’t want to work past 5pm, one of them doesn’t want to work on Saturdays, whatever,” Sharon said of the team she and Ankur have helping on their house.

“The [builders] expect us to paint an eight-metre high ceiling, and then when it’s not painted correctly, they’re disappointed in the results.”

The friend had warned the couple not to sign up for the show, but Sharon confessed she never expected how “dramatic” the process would be.

However, if Sharon and Ankur were hoping fans would side with them on the issue, they would have been disappointed.

Twitter users slammed the couple for “wasting time” on other tasks while leaving their builders to “get everything done” for them.

“Shopping for five hours the two of them? Sharon & Ankur are lazy. I don’t blame their builders at all, especially when they’re not being paid on time,” one wrote.

Sharon and Ankur with Ronnie and one of their builders.

(Image: Instagram)

Another said: “That tirade of shit that Sharon just spewed is disgusting. Her builders should walk off. Leave them in the lurch.”

Over on Instagram one of the builders spoke out, saying Sharon and Ankur were “lying” and “throwing out crazy accusations” on the show.

“To those saying why didn’t you just walk away [from the show], well none of this was ever said to my face obviously or I wouldn’t have hesitated in walking away,” said carpenter Scott Clarkson.

“Most of what’s being said about me is behind my back where they know I don’t get to have the same opportunity to voice what actually happened.”

One of the couple’s builders has spoken out.

(Image: Instagram)

He continued: “If I really stole why would they have not fired me? Do you really think the block wants to have people stealing from their sites? Why would the higher ups not have kicked me offsite?

“It’s all been beat up as it seems they wanted to get rid of us for weeks, but continued to string us ‘lazy a–holes’ along to finish the house so they can get their entitled prize money.”

He also claimed that he only knocked off early twice in the entire 12-week filming period and that most of the builders worked “minimum 11 hour days with 2 hours of driving on top”.

Sharon previously told TV WEEK that her “villain portrayal” on the show has seriously affected her mental health, as has dealing with online trolls.

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