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The Block exclusive: Blockheads caught breaking the rules!

A body corporate meeting divides Charming street.
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Steph and Gian have had a rough start to their Block journey, losing a builder and then finding a new one, only to learn they can only stay for two weeks. When Steph’s ex-builder father sees her struggling, he steps in to help. But their united front causes a divide among others.

The other contestants see this as an “unfair advantage”, with Leah and Ash calling the first body corporate meeting of the season to remind everyone of the rules.

“He wasn’t inducted, and if he’s a builder then he should be getting paid,” Ash tells TV WEEK.

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“It was funny because everyone was chit chatting about it, but nothing was being done, so that’s when we decided to call the meeting.”

“We just didn’t want to get to week 12, and have everyone disrespecting the rules,” Leah adds.

“All this stress is giving me a headache,” quoted Giah who the meeting was called for.

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While Ash and Leah say they only had “good intentions” for calling the meeting to make sure everyone was on the same page, what happens next could bring their friendships to halt.

“Eliza kicked off early with her opinions and I was trying to give my take on it but as soon as I started, Kyle just shut me down straight away,” Leah reveals.

Ash and Leah pictured at The Block.

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Having not had many interactions with Kyle and Leslie from House 1 until this moment, Ash and Leah were taken aback with the way he spoke to Leah.

“It was just surprising that he did that to just me and not Eliza or anyone else,” she says. Ash adds they were both “very upset” with Kyle’s behaviour but chose to put the drama behind them – for now. How long will it last?

“It was almost like he had a pre-perceived idea of me and that he had been chewing up at us for ages,” mother-of-two Leah says.

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“I went to talk to him about it and he seems to think he didn’t shut me down. So for the sake of it, I just let it go.”

This week the Blockheads are tasked with building studios, and friendships between Leah and Ash of House 2 and Kristy and Brett of House 3 strengthen while others deteriorate.

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