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EXCLUSIVE: The Block 2023 contestants Leah and Steph open up on the latest Blockhead feud

The drama has moved in to Charming Street...
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Forget the houses! A TV insider says The Block producers have been patting this year’s contestants on the back for outdoing their fellow Nine stars from Married At First Sight by delivering the juiciest first week drama yet!

“If this is how we’re going to be week one, I don’t know how we’re going to be week 12,” admits Leah, 32, who is already embroiled in a feud with fellow Blockhead Steph, 27.

The drama has already begun for Blockheads Leah and Ash.

(Image: Nine)

Kristy, 34, confirms to Woman’s Day there are “a few hiccups along the way” that caused her to have “moments of wanting to leave”.

We hear that instant friends Kristy and Leah have labelled Steph “smart and sneaky” as a catfight kicked off at the start of this year’s competition.

“Steph did everything calculated,” Kristy tells Woman’s Day.

“I did have my reservations [with her] in the beginning,” agrees Leah. “I prefer everything to be upfront and I wasn’t quite getting that from her, so I did find it really difficult.”

“Then she was sort of coming off as quite competitive, so naturally in The Block environment, you just start questioning everything. There were a couple of things that I thought, ‘Oh, I think she might be playing a game and being a bit sneaky.'”

Leah says one of Steph’s strategies was trying to psych her out!

“She would know things about my room before I even shared them, but she’d say things like, ‘Oh, so you’re doing Venetian plastering. Um, did you know you can’t get that done in a short amount of time? It takes 10 days.’

“It just came off in a rude way,” Leah shares.

“Steph did everything calculated.”

(Image: Nine)

Steph, though, says the other Blockheads feel threatened by her architecture background.

“I deflected on the show and said, ‘Oh, no, I don’t think people would be intimidated by me because we’re just young kids,’ but I grew to know that people were definitely intimidated by me,” she tells Woman’s Day.

Steph insists she had more important things to focus on than the drama with her castmates – like renovating!

“We always felt like we were behind the eight ball, that some people who were in front had time to, like, gossip!”

“We were just like, ‘What?'” says Steph, who also battles with her builders as the competition goes on – and ends up sending them packing!

Kirsty and Brett are hoping to keep The Block entertaining.

(Image: Nine)

Unlike Steph, Kristy says she made it her mission to drum up drama on Charming Street.

“I could see things play out prior to them happening, so I would kind of like drop a bomb and run away,” she says.

“I was just entertaining myself and trying to make it as fun as possible.”

And her husband Brett is here for it! “Other seasons I’ve watched I’ve found rather boring, so if bitchiness comes across, great,” says Brett, 34.

“I’d rather watch that than some of the more simple seasons I’ve seen in the past.”

“Look at last season, the biggest thing to happen was tiles not showing up! That’s boring,” he says.

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