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Has The Bachelors Australia winner for 2023 already been leaked?

Who do you think will walk away with an engagement ring?
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The winner of The Bachelors may have been leaked one week out from when the finale airs!

A number of past contestants have their thoughts on who the ”obvious” winners of our three bachies hearts will be, with two engagements confirmed by longtime show host Osher Gunsberg.


Leah and Kiki are in the running for Thomas’s heart.

(IMAGE: TV WEEK/Channel 10)

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Holly Kingston, who won the heart of last season’s bachelor Jimmy Nicholson (and is now in real life engaged to him), says Leah will walk away with a ring on her finger, or will at least progress to the very end of the dating show.

”I think Leah will make it to one or two, I’m calling it,” Holly said.

On the other hand, Jimmy and season seven contestant Jessica Brody both think that Thomas will choose 38 year old Kiki in the finale, leaving Leah broken hearted.

”First impressions of Kiki, she seems beautiful and she seems very soulful, which I think Thomas will like, Jimmy says.

”I like Leah, I think she’s great with Thomas, but it’s giving stage five clinger vibes,” said Jessica.

”I think that’s gonna go up in flames. I reckon Thomas might end up with Kiki. I really like Kiki, she’s a bit older which is fantastic, and they just seem to mesh really well. We’ve seen snippets of her but it’s not been as deep as the Leah situation.”


Tash and Alesia are fighting it out for Jeds attentions.

(IMAGE: TV WEEK/Channel 10)

Holly and Jimmy didn’t agree on Thomas but can agree that Jed will leave the show hand in hand with 28 year old Alesia, who you may remember from that wholesome ice skating date in episode one.

”They had some real chemistry and I think she looks genuine and lovely. I think she could be a front runner,” Holly said.

Season five star Florence Alexandra disagrees though, believing that 31 year old villain Tash Candyce might also make it to the finale.

”Just because people love to hate, and production showed her saying ‘I am the finale,” Florence said.

”So I think production would love to get her into the finale and then Tash gets dumped. I think that would be a great scenario for television.”

Honestly, she’s not wrong. And if we’ve learned anything from reality television, Australians love to hate!


Tilly and Krystal have been butting heads over Felix since the beginning…

(IMAGE: TV WEEK/Channel 10)

Ahhh Felix. F-boy extraordinaire, Australians have been left aghast at his on-screen antics.

”[Felix said] Bang, yes, she is exactly my type,” in regards to Jessica, the dancer, and you could tell he wouldn’t say that unless he was really really into her,” Jimmy suggests.

”She seems super sweet, king of cute and athletic which I think he’ll like.”

But Holly disagrees with her fiancee: ”I’m going to go Tilly. The entire season has been the Tilly and Felix sex show.” (we are still struggling to erase THAT pool scene from our minds).

Meanwhile, Jessica believes Krysal will be the winner, which we can definitely get on board with.

”I really like Krystal, I think she is funny, she is hot, she is smart,” she remarks.

”The way she handled that whole situation with Tash…i’m rooting for air.”

The season finale of The Bachelors will air Wednesday January 25th on Channel 10.

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